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Waterloo's School of Public Health Sciences (formerly School of Public Health and Health Systems) is training a new generation of leaders, researchers, and change agents, adept at thinking and responding to the complex adaptive systems that affect health and health care.

Together, we are seeking innovative solutions to some of the major health challenges of our time.

Meet our experts in:

  • Chronic disease prevention and management - helping to analyse and improve national and international health policies and regulations of chronic disease through understanding and altering social, economic, political, and cultural determinants
  • Food and water safety, security, and governance - examining the global health impact of food and water safety and security through epidemiology of food and water borne disease, nutrition management, and medical geography
  • Global health - examining how globalizing processes impact economic development, health, healthcare and education
  • Health and aging - taking an integrative approach to the biological, psychological, social, and environmental determinants of health and wellness focused on the life-course trajectory of aging in individuals
  • Health and environment - investigating the impacts of the built environment, environmental degradation, urbanization, globalisation on population health
  • Health informatics - developing and utilizing health sciences and information technologies to support and improve the status of individual and community health
  • Health neuroscience and cognitive epidemiology - examining reciprocal relationships between lifestyle, lifespan development, and sociodemographic factors and brain health on the level of whole populations
  • Health policy and health systems - investigating and evaluating health care systems and improving their integration and efficiency through the design of diagnostics, treatment, and analytic and assessment tools
  • Healthy workplaces - examining occupational health and safety risks and designing interventions to improve health and wellness in the workplace and develop more effective safety management systems
  1. May 13, 2021New: School of Public Health Sciences

    The School of Public Health and Health Systems is pleased to announce that our name has changed to the School of Public Health Sciences. The change will not be fully in effect until later this year, but most instances of the new name should be complete by September 1.

  2. Sep. 15, 2021Packaging and health warnings are key in discouraging youth from using cannabis
    Person going to pay for a bag of cannabis using credit card.

    As more countries consider legalizing non-medical cannabis, new research shows that prominent health warnings and less attractive packaging can reduce its appeal among young people.

  3. Aug. 26, 2021Waterloo developing a mobile alert app for missing people with dementia
    Community member interacting with older adult in the outdoors

    Researchers are working with community leaders to develop a mobile alert app to help locate missing people with dementia.

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