Indigenous Student Award

Value: 3 awards of $2000

Application: Common

This award seeks to address systemic barriers to post-secondary education that Indigenous students face as a direct result of history and ongoing processes of colonization. 

Set up by Renison’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee, the award further recognizes that Indigenous students actively involved on campus often do extra labour related to their Indigeneity and connections to community, both in our classrooms and as part of other university processes.

These awards are an effort to recognize that labour and to develop a committed and reciprocal relationship with Indigenous students that supports their aspirations and development, fosters their leadership, builds their connections and networks, and supports the contribution of their gifts, passions, and energies at Renison at beyond.  

Any Indigenous student who has an affiliation with Renison University College and is registered at the University of Waterloo, at either the undergraduate or graduate level, is eligible to apply. In allocating awards, the review committee will attempt to include students in as wide an array of academic programs as possible, with preference given to students registered in Social Work, Honours Arts, and Social Development Studies.

For the purpose of this award, ‘Indigenous’ includes people who identify as First Nations (status or non-status), Métis, or Inuit, and Indigeneity is understood as being a function both of self-identification and community connection.

To be eligible for this award, a student must:

  1. be affiliated with Renison University College as a current registered student, alumni, or resident. Preference will be given to current Renison registered Indigenous students
  2. submit a letter of reference
  3. submit a brief description of financial need