Student government

Renison University College encourages and values student participation in the governing bodies of Renison, which seek to maintain academic excellence and a supportive environment.

Resident and non-resident students have the opportunity to present and discuss ideas and concerns and to participate in decisions which will affect their university experience. The two governments are Renisix (for resident students) and Renison Academic Students Council (RASC) for Renison Academic Students.

Each year, resident students elect a student government (Renisix) to deal with issues affecting those living at Renison. Renisix plans events and acts as a voice for the residents concerning community living.

Academic students select student representatives to represent their concerns on Renison’s Academic Student Council (RASC) and to liaise with the administration and resident students. The events planned by RASC bring academic students together and often raise money for charitable causes. The SDS Society is a subcommittee of RASC that runs independent events specifically for SDS Students. Their members also sit on various councils and represent the student population to administration.

Both resident and academic students are represented on the College Council and the Board of Governors of Renison University College.