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NOTE: All syllabi presented here are preliminary, an official syllabus will be provided on the first day of each class.

Fall 2023 term courses

Course code Course title Course syllabus
GBDA 101 Introduction to Digital Media Design  
GBDA 201 Digital Media Project 1


GBDA 203 Introduction to Digital Culture


GBDA 210 Introduction to User Experience Design  
GBDA 228 Hybrid Digital Media  
GBDA 301 Global Digital Project 1  
GBDA 303 Data and Society  
GBDA 305 Global Development and Business  
GBDA 310 Adv. User Exp. Design Research  
GBDA 311 Introduction to Business Financials  
GBDA 410 Seminar in User Experience Research  
GBDA 412 Topics in Digital Cultures  
GBDA 414 Topics in Interaction Design  

Winter 2022 term courses

Course code Course title Course syllabus
CS 106 Introduction to Computer Programming 2 CS 106 (PDF)
CS 330 Management Information Systems CS 330 (PDF)
GBDA 101 Digital Media Design and Production GBDA 101 (PDF)
GBDA 202 Digital Media Project 2

GBDA 202 (Online)

GBDA 202 (PDF)

GBDA 204 Working in Teams and Project Management GBDA 204 (PDF)
GBDA 205 Quantitative Methods GBDA 205 (001) (PDF) 002 (PDF)
GBDA 211 Global Business GBDA 211 (PDF)
GBDA 212 Portfolio & Professional Communication

GBDA 212 Online (PDF)

GBDA 212 (PDF)

ARTS 290 Theories of Media ARTS 290 (PDF)
GBDA 302 Global Digital Project 2 GBDA 302 (PDF)
GBDA 304 Marketing in the Digital World GBDA 304 (PDF)
GBDA 306 Ethics and Values in Design

GBDA 306 (001) PDF002 (PDF)

GBDA 306 Online (PDF)

GBDA 402 Cross-Cultural Digital Business GBDA 402 (PDF)
GBDA 413 Special Topics in Design and Society

GBDA 413 Section 001002

GBDA 413 Online (PDF)

GBDA 404 Extended E-Portfolio 2 GBDA 404 (PDF)

*Please note, information that is reflected on this web page is for the 2022-2023 academic calendar year. It is subject to change.

Previous year's syllabi can be found on the archive page.