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October 2013

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Happy Halloween uWaterloo

We loved seeing students all over campus in costume today. Who knew Pikachu was a Waterloo student?

Lending an ear

uWaterloo students set up Listening Couches on campus

Fourth-year Knowledge Integration student Ryan Martens and Electrical Engineering masters student Ryan Mann recently offered a new service on campus – free listening. The uWaterloo students met in Fall 2010 at a bible study led by Mann. The meeting sparked more than a friendship; it also led to a wave of positive events around campus.

1 in 5

uWaterloo student aims to end mental health stigma

Nolan Finkelstein has found his voice. The upper-year Arts student wants to break down the stigma associated with mental illness, and with his Imprint column Livin’ on the Edge” he’s started to do just that. Every week Nolan openly shares his experience as a student with mental illness while tackling norms like “boys don’t cry” and frequently advocating the importance of reaching out for help.

Biology goes to Boston

uWaterloo students compete with synthetic biology research

Anjali Arya and the rest of her teammates have been preparing for the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) regionals since January. In fact Anjali, a 4B Science student, has been involved with iGEM and synthetic biology research during her full four years at uWaterloo.

Lunch with the punk dropout

Engineering students inspired after lunch with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey

While uWaterloo students filled the Hagey Hall Humanities Theatre to see Jack Dorsey speak in September, only a select few Engineering students had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the Twitter founder.

Sustainable commitment

Environment & Business students work with Jack Johnson on environmental initiatives

Environment and Business (EB) fourth year students Emily Ma, Kelly Huang, Kirat Maloka, and Alexandra Ramos are bringing music and environmental sustainability to the masses. Under the name of EcoShift Consultants, the students are working with the Jack Johnson All At Once (AAO) campaign to use social media to promote the AAO’s goals of gaining support for sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives.

Business & Pleasure

uWaterloo students expand horizons & explore international trade relationships

International Trade Specialization (ITS) and Management Studies fourth-year students recently returned from Israel with a new perspective on international trade. Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Technion University, Heseg House, and Hebrew University are just some of the locations the Arts and Business students travelled to this summer to learn about Israel’s heritage, entrepreneurial spirit, and national psyche.

Education innovation

uWaterloo students recommend education overhaul at Learning 2030 summit

Equinox Summit: Learning 2030 wrapped up last week, announcing their recommendations for the future of education. The participants that worked together during this summit included two uWaterloo Knowledge Integration students, Ian Scholten and Zainab Ramahi.

Keeping you on your feet

Master’s student engages uWaterloo students with new athletics programming

Kristen Leal knows how to stay active in more ways than one. The uWaterloo masters student recently took on a new role in Campus Rec as the Student Program Coordinator, Fitness. Kristen has been busy this term promoting new programming like Ballet Bootcamp, Thai Boxing and uWaterloo’s first running club. Kristen is also able to draw 60+ students to the Zumba class she teaches every week.

Storytelling & video games

uWaterloo student shares the story of games studies

Steve Wilcox, a uWaterloo PhD student, wants you to know the importance of video games. He’s sharing the story of Professor Neil Randall’s work with Interactive and Multi-Modal Experience Research Syndicate (IMMERSe) in the games studies field, and it’s earned him a spot as one of the top five storytellers in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s (SSHRC) Research for a Better Life: The Storytellers.

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