January 2014

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Unearthing a lifelong passion

Fourth-year Earth and Environmental Sciences student Manuel Arab accredits a second-year mineralogy course, Earth 231, and hands-on field experience for awakening his curiosity in unravelling the mysteries of the Earth.

The ultimate number cruncher

Here's someone who really knows his numbers. Out of approximately 4,000 students, a recent UWaterloo grad achieved the highest standing this year on a nation-wide exam.

It takes a village

From left to right: Fardeen Khan, Alisha Karmali, Shafaq Zakir and Katerina Szkolka. Not pictured: Osama Sidat

A UWaterloo startup is on their way to winning a million-dollar prize one step at a time with the support of the UWaterloo community.

Faculties collaborate to bring home the gold

We've heard the saying "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". A fourth-year Biomedical Science student has proven this to be true by leading a diverse group of students to success at an international synthetic biology competition. 

Environmental passions flowing freely

Water, water everywhere - or is it? A second-year Environment and Business student is turning her passion into action by installing water meters on campus in an effort to reduce water consumption.

Bridging cultures with a new startup

Exploring and learning about different cultures may seem like a dream come true for some. An Economics and Business student has taken his intercultural experiences to launch a startup that seeks to connect Aboriginal communities and their resources to investors in Asia.

Shaping your future by learning abroad

Guest blog by Nicola Toffelmire

The best decision I made at the University of Waterloo was to internationalize my degree. I was granted the opportunity to work in three different countries during my co-op terms at the University of Waterloo: Togo, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. 

Student wins excellence in teaching

Many may consider studying English and Engineering to be two very separate worlds. A UWaterloo student has been working to show these two worlds can nicely complement each other in the world of teaching. Now he has an award to prove it. 

Let's talk about it

From left to right: Rob Martin (Crisis Respite Manager, Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health Inc.), Madeline Mackenzie, Julie Stevenson and Natasha Ekelman. 

Some things are hard to talk about, but a team of UWaterloo students are standing up to the stigma against suicide and saying "Let's talk about it".

Achieving the Freshman 15

Graphic courtesy of Renison University College

Young people can gain so much from the university experience. A UWaterloo student is making the "Freshman 15" a meaningful gain that will help you during and after your time spent in school.

NERv: the dream of risk-free operations

Imagine a world with risk-free operations. More than 200 Canadians died of surgical complications in 2011 alone, according to Statistics Canada. A UWaterloo student holds a envisions a world without these risks.

I am a UWaterloo voter

Did you exercise your right to vote this year? A group of UWaterloo students aimed to solve the problem of low voter turnout by campaigning to make students' voices heard during this year's municipal elections.

UWaterloo students' innovation wins 10,000 euros

Three UWaterloo students have returned from France with a prize of 10,000 euros in their back pockets, thanks to an invention that helps vehicles communicate with each other to enhance passenger safety.

uIntuition: passion meets industry

In a time when resumes and portfolios are incredibly important, two University of Waterloo students have created a way to connect students to their preferred career industry.

Sun safety simplified with a UWaterloo invention

Suncayr Team from left to right:
Soboleski, Derek Jouppi, Rachel Pautler, Andrew Martinko, Chad Sweeting

The sun is shining bright on five Nanotechnology students who have developed a brilliant way to help keep skin safe from UV rays.

"You Are My ______"

Telling someone what they mean to you can be so powerful. A Fine Arts student decided to turn a class project into wearable art and a community-building initiative.

And the winner of 24 Hours of Waterloo is...

The winner of 24 Hours of Waterloo has been announced!

Pokemon Masters

Open Pokemon from left to right: Kevin Nguyen, John Liu, Edward Yang, Jack Gao

UWaterloo students place in the top ten at Hack the North 

24 Hours of Waterloo: Success

For 24 hours on October 1, the UWaterloo campus community came together to share what their UWaterloo looked like, as part of the annual 24 hours of Waterloo project.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni were encouraged to post photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram and Vine using the hashtag #uwaterloolife. 

Work. Study. Play Volleyball.

An award-winning varsity athlete with a 95.6 per cent average shows us that it is possible to attain a life/school balance while in university.

Excelling in entrepreneurship thanks to on-campus support

Above: Dominic Toselli (left) and Andrew Andrade, co-founders of PetroPredict.

The launch of a new start-up company by two UWaterloo Velocity students is helping to prove that win-win situations can exist between energy companies and the environment. 

Students' rapping video scores the top spot

Rarely do we see raps about the importance of building community, but two Conrad Grebel University College students recently leveraged their rapping skills while promoting an important message of peace and unity.  

Exploring the world of Waterloo at Orientation

Guest blog by Erin Wong 

Hello! My name is Erin Wong and I’m in my last year of Kinesiology from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. Since November 2013, I was given a great opportunity to be a part of the Federation Orientation Committee (FOC) team as a representative of the Student Success Office.

Turning Lego into a scholarship

Guest blog by Amanda Rampertab

My name is Amanda Rampertab and I’m in my 1A term for Mechatronics Engineering. I was awarded the 2014 Schulich Leader Scholarship at the University of Waterloo, presented to a student pursuing a degree in an engineering program, valued at $80,000. 

Blogging about life at UWaterloo

A new school year means new students and eight UWaterloo students will be blogging their way through new experiences. Hear from a (not so secret) ninja, a handstand master and an off-campus student as they share budget tips, how they maintain school/life balance and more. Read on as we share your new favourite blogs (besides this one, of course).

Engineering alumni creates a trail-blazing app

Though engineering alum Michael Weingert had moved on from UWaterloo to work for Facebook over the summer, his ideas still follow him. 

Transforming a frustrating puzzle into art

The Rubik’s Cube is traditionally thought of as a complex puzzle that both frustrates and fascinates. For University of Waterloo student Daniel Que, it's also a blank canvas, perfect for pixel art.

Giving back in Guatemala

Science student volunteers in Guatemala

Guest blog by Anisha Tailor

Hola! My name is Anisha Tailor, and I am entering my fourth year of the Honours Biology program at the University of Waterloo. On August 14, 2014, I embarked on what became some of the best and most fulfilling days of my life. I went to Guatemala for a 12-day medical volunteer trip with an organization called VIDA (Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventures).

The start of something new

UWaterloo Rotaract club comes to campus

Guest blog by Anna Giesbrecht

Rotaract stands for peace, health, community and education; it offers opportunities in the community, workplace, and internationally; and it’s a place where people who are looking to be challenged, make a difference, and have fun can come together.

Food for thought

Third year Arts student delivers food to students on campus during exams

Exam season can be tough. Students become dedicated to studying and bunk down in Dana Porter or the Davis Centre to review. Third-year Arts student Emily Shiu is familiar with this situation, and this term she decided to do something to help her fellow students.

Pitching for kidney care

Engineering student competes for one million dollar prize in 43North

Next week, Qidni Labs will be one of 113 companies to pitch for a $1 million USD prize in the 43North semi-finals. The start-up, headed by Engineering alumni Morteza Ahmadi and fourth-year Engineering student Andrew Medonca, is based out of Velocity Science and is one of only seven companies headed to the 43North semifinals from Canada. In fact, they are the only company pitching from Kitchener-Waterloo.

90 days in Peru

Arts student travels to Peru with St. Jerome's Beyond Borders program

Guest blog by Wil Schmor

Hola! My name is Wil Schmor and I am entering my 3A term at the University of Waterloo studying Global Business And Digital Arts (GBDA). I spent my spring term in Chiclayo, Peru working for a coffee brand called Café Femenino. This was done through the Beyond Borders program at St. Jerome’s University. 

Turning an idea into an e-boutique opportunity

Photos by Tanja-Tiziana Burdi for NOW! Magazine.

Rose Athena is an e-boutique that allows women to put together their own personalized dresses and to purchase them online. Customers can choose from over 2,500 dress designs, each garment handcrafted from quality materials and tailored specifically to their style and form, including neckline, sleeve length, and hemline.

Preparing a generation for peace

Arts student educates about peace in the community

Guest blog by Katie Gingerich

I love camp. I love the silliness, excitement and community. Most importantly, I love the learning opportunities and teachable moments camp can offer. I am Katie Gingerich, a fourth-year Peace and Conflict Studies student and this summer’s Peace Camp Coordinator. When this job opportunity arose in January this past year, I jumped at the chance. How often do you get to mix two of your favourite things into a summer job? For me, this means forging camp and teaching with peace-building and social justice, all made possible by Peace Camp.

Student entrepreneurs pitch for $100k

Velocity startups take to the stage to compete for $100,000 award

The tenth Velocity Fund Finals (VFF) kicked off in the Student Life Centre with 10 teams pitching their startup ideas to the crowded Great Hall. The teams were competing for one of four $25,000 cheques. Companies pitched ideas that would change how people test for allergies, improve how people garden at home and more.

Growing up and out

Engineering student expands her organic food business into Kitchener-Waterloo

Guest blog by Emily Peat

My name is Emily Peat and I’m in 4A Civil Engineering here at the University of Waterloo. I started a small organic food delivery business, EcoPlace Organics, in 2012 through the Enterprise Co-op program. Recently I announced an exciting new step for my business; we merged with Eat Green Organics, London’s largest and oldest organic delivery company, which allows EcoPlace to expand into Kitchener-Waterloo.

Working with integrity

Arts student navigates academic integrity

Guest blog by Jill Storey

Recently I had an encounter with a well-known education technology company that made me think about what it meant to have integrity. I had to evaluate both the company and my own values during this experience, and making the right choice was difficult. In the end, however, following my own values led me to success. To me, having academic integrity means that one is responsible for their own work, and does not cheat or take advantage of the work of others.

A rewarding experience

Applied Health Sciences student earns Duke of Edinburgh Award

Sarah Money, a second-year Applied Health Sciences student, was recently awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Award by Governor General David Johnston. The award is open to anyone aged 14 to 25, and it challenges participants in four key areas: community service, skill development, physical recreation, and adventurous journey. “I've met a lot of people, traveled and gained independence - this prepared me for university,” shared Sarah.

Students helping students

St. Paul’s students support each other through the Student Refugee Program

Gloire Gatabazi grew up in Kenya with refugee status, living most of his life in Nairobi and eventually relocating to the Kakuma Refugee Camp. When he was in high school, Gloire knew he wanted to attend post-secondary school, but knew that due to his refugee status he did not qualify for government scholarships. Last year though, he left Kenya to study International Development at the University of Waterloo.

A vision for the future

Environment student kicks off in World Vision Cup

Guest blog by Alex Foto

My name is Alex Foto, I am 19 years old, and I am entering my second year at the University of Waterloo studying International Development. I am fortunate to have grown up in Canada, a country where things like access to health care, education, and basic nutrition are often things we take for granted. At the beginning of May I travelled to Brazil with World Vision to participate in the World Vision Cup.

Swinging for success

Fourth-year Engineering student competes at 2014 World University Golf Championship

Devon Rizzo, a fourth-year Management Engineering student, teed off her Canada Day weekend in Switzerland this year. She was competing in the 2014 World University Golf Championship with Team Canada for the third year in a row.

Raise your voice

Fatin with Margarita Astrálaga, the Regional Director, UNEP Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean

Environment student wins vlogging competition, advocates for environmental action in Barbados

Fatin Chowdhury, a UWaterloo Environment student, has a fierce commitment to sustainability in the face of climate change. Recently, he followed this passion and entered a vlogging competition held by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), where actor and UNEP ambassador, Don Cheadle personally selected him for first place.

A shift in perspective

Photos by Hannah Love Yoon

Environment student captures the urban shift in China

Third-year Environment student Brodie Vissers travelled to China last year to help build a community centre and skate park in Yunnan province. When he arrived in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, he visited thriving villages but by the time he left, those same villages had been torn down for new development. Brodie took photos of this transition throughout his stay, and this month he exhibited those photos for the first time in Café Pyrus in Kitchener.

Telling the story of sustainability

Environment student advocates for sustainability on- and offline

This past weekend, a group of volunteers organized by third-year Environment & Business student Phil Murphy gathered in Arnprior, Ontario to clean-up their community together. In just one hour they filled five garbage bags while working along the marina. Phil’s commitment to the environment reaches far beyond his hometown though.

Sounding off

Second-year Arts student’s first orchestral piece performed at Sound in the Land

Guest blog by Caroline Bordignon

On June 6, the Waterloo Chamber Players performed my orchestral piece, Wind at the Sonic Convergences Concert during the Sound in the Land 2014 music festival at Conrad Grebel. This was a very exciting opportunity for me as a student, and I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of it.

A poetic solution

Arts student awarded for integrated, interactive media project

At Toronto Digifest 2014, English student Matt Neill competed against 40 teams from 13 different post-secondary schools, and earned the ‘Best Integrated Media Project’ award for his Point of Experience Technology (POET).

A positive impact

Environment students attend sustainability leadership conference

Connecting with over 170 youth leaders from across Canada, meeting Chris Hadfield, learning to play the djembe drum, engaging with environmental professionals, and tackling a diverse range of sustainability issues - what do all of these things have in common? The fact that we were able to experience it all within four days at the IMPACT! Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership this past May.

Champions of safety

University of Waterloo Lifesaving Club earns first national championship banner

Adrian Cossu, the UWaterloo Lifesaving Club president has been training for and competing in lifesaving sport competitions for almost 10 years, and this year he and his team brought the national championship banner home to Waterloo for the first time.

Locally grown

St. Paul’s GreenHouse student opens campus community garden

Guest blog by Lexi Salt

Thursday, May 22 was a very important day for me, for St. Paul’s University College, and I would argue, for the entire university. On this day, the St. Paul’s Community Garden officially opened! 

Fashionably conscious

Photo from Waterloo Stories

Engineering students launch socially conscious clothing company

“Everybody wears clothes, but not everyone will support a social cause, “ says graduating Mechanical Engineering student Aleks Poldma, but he and his classmate Spencer Kelly set out to change that last year. The duo wants to turn the average consumer into a social benefactor and they plan to do that with Hydrated World, a clothing company that donates money to the Safe Water Project in Africa for every five items sold. 

Nothing to waste

Students launch campus compost initiative

Environment and Business students Mike Hager and Brandon Caron, and Science and Business student Andres Garcia are launching a new venture on campus today. Dedicated to improving waste management and sustainability on campus, they started the University of Waterloo Campus Compost (UWCC).

A tradition in innovation

Photo from EcoCar3 flickr.

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team prepares for EcoCar3

Ben Gaffney is in the second year of his Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering – he is also one of the new team leads in upcoming EcoCar3 Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. Ben joined the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) in his fourth year of his undergrad at Waterloo and decided to extend his university experience into research and leadership roles with the team.

Enhancing the international experience

New Feds service launches to support international students

Guest blog by Kenneth Chu Sam

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting experiences you can have; arriving at a new city, absorbing its vibe and assimilating into its culture is part of a fun and energizing journey, but it does not come without its challenges. Incoming international and exchange students at the University of Waterloo often find themselves seeking more peer support and local interaction with local students.

Paving the way to sustainability

Third-year Environment student revamps the Davis Centre courtyard

Elspeth Holland, a third-year Environment and Business student, joined the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) in the spring of 2013, and by August she was the Project Leader of the Davis Centre (DC) Redevelopment Project. Last week, after almost a full year of hard work, the dirt pathways between DC and the Mathematics & Computing building (MC) were paved.

Cracking hackNY

Engineering students’ topical Rob Ford game wins ‘Funniest Hack’

In just 16 hours, third-year Systems Design Engineering students Chris Ngan and Nick Mostowich created an online platform game, “Crackathon featuring embattled Mayor Rob Ford. “The development process consisted of a lot of Red Bull,” Nick said of their experience at hackNY’s annual spring hackathon.

Welcoming the Class of 2019

Get to know the 2014 UWaterloo Experience Leaders

Are you starting at Waterloo this fall? We’ve got some people you should meet.

What’s under there?

Fourth-year Computer Science student promotes consent with underwear

Amulya Sanagavarapu is a 4B Computer Science student graduating in June. She is also the founder of a new company, Feminist StyleSoon, Amulya’s company will sell consent-themed underwear for men and women, but her goal extends past retail – she wants to create a cultural shift. 

Taking office

4A Math & Business student Danielle Burt is the new Federation of Students president

Danielle Burt takes office as the Federation of Students President today, along with her fellow executives, Vice President (VP) Operations & Finance Ben Balfour, VP Internal Maaz Yasin, and VP Education Stephen Hamade. 

Ready for the fight

Photo taken from Mandy Bujold Facebook page

UWaterloo Arts student finds passion in boxing

Mandy Bujold, a second-year Arts student, was just 16 years old when she first walked into a local boxing gym and found a passion for the sport. From then on, she managed to win numerous titles and become a part of the Canadian Boxing Association, with the goal to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games.

From university to universe

UWaterloo student participates in the Miss Universe Canada pageant

Nickta Jowhari, an Applied Health Sciences student, will soon be taking to the stage: the Miss Universe Canada pageant stage in Toronto.

Life and success in university

A student perspective on everyday success at UWaterloo

University can be an interesting experience when you first start out. You have more freedom and more responsibilities! You realize that you are at complete liberty to attend or skip class and nobody really tells you that you have to go. This is great fun, but usually after your first round of midterms you realize that going to class, asking questions, and doing assignments is a lot better for your overall health than slacking off.

newRoots for new Canadians

UWaterloo grad student’s life-changing app won $25,000 in national hackathon

Carlos Saavedra, a student in Waterloo’s Master of Digital Experience Innovation program at the Stratford Campus, won the first Canadian Open Data Experience, a 48-hour hackathon that challenged participants to create an application that would better the lives of Canadians. Carlos’s invention was awarded the $25,000 grand prize and also won the $1,000 fan favourite prize, as chosen by Canadians in an online poll.

Canada’s new Noah

Environment student selected to help save species from extinction

Martin Kastner, a student from UWaterloo’s Faculty of Environment has been selected by Wildlife Preservation Canada to be “Canada’s New Noah,” a program that provides practical training and field experience in managing and conserving endangered species.

3 minutes, 1 slide and 1 outstanding thesis

Kinesiology graduate student wins university-wide 3 Minute Thesis competition

Matthew Vonk, an Applied Health Sciences masters student, competed with nine other graduate students at the campus-wide 3 Minute Thesis Competition last Thursday and secured first place along with the People’s Choice Award for his presentation that connects physical exercise with mental health.

Gosling wins an award

Ryan Gosling receives honourary award from UWaterloo

Earlier this morning, Ryan Gosling arrived at UWaterloo to accept one of the highest honourary awards 

Winter 2014 VeloCity Fund Finals

Photo credit: Shubhagata Sengupta

Four VeloCity startups wins $100,000 award

At the ninth VeloCity Fund Finals on March 27, 10 innovative teams of students and young alumni took over the stage to pitch their startups. Four were chosen by VeloCity judges to win $25,000 each and a spot to grow their business at VeloCity Garage.

2013 co-op students of the year

From top left to right: Perakaa Serhukavalan, Akash Kapoor, Josh Bradshaw. Bottom left to right: Melanie Chanona, Natalie Sham, Sorina Chiorean.

The University of Waterloo honours 6 outstanding co-op students

There are more than 18,000 co-op students at UWaterloo, and last week the university honoured six, one from each faculty, with the 2013 University of Waterloo Co-op Student of the Year Award.

The Bombe

Student launches new data analysis tool for scientists

Fourth-year Business and Computer Science student Jack Gao met his business partners at The Next 36, a program designed to nurture entrepreneurship in 36 Canadian undergraduates. Jack got together with Eddie Kim, University of Guelph and Susie Pan, Queen’s University, with one goal in mind – to keep Canada on the cutting edge of science.

5 days for the homeless

UWaterloo students set aside privileges to raise awareness

On March 9 -14, a group of UWaterloo students spent 5 days and 4 nights sleeping outside in the cold winter weather. They gave up their warm beds, food, showers and electricity to raise awareness about the stigma of homelessness.

It’s raining talent

The Barometer Boys heat up Waterloo’s Got Talent

Last Friday, the Federation of Students hosted Waterloo’s Got Talent and a capella group The Barometer Boys took home the $500 grand prize for their rendition of “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls.

Making a change one favour at a time

UWaterloo students took over the campus with kindness

Need a drink delivered to you? A slice of pizza? A back massage after a long day of studying? Last Thursday, the #WhatCanIDoForYou team was happy to do UWaterloo students favours for an entire day.

Teaching with turbans

uWaterloo students run educational Turban Tying Day

March is Sikh Awareness Month and the University of Waterloo Sikh Students Association (UWSSA) is hosting their annual Turban Tying Day for the third year in the Student Life Centre today, March 6 from 10am until 3pm.

Gold is the new black

uWaterloo student athlete wins gold in the 2014 Ontario University Athletics championship

Chantel Pilon, a fifth-year Recreation and Business student, bled black and gold at the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championship last month. She earned a gold medal for her pentathlon performance, breaking several personal best records and breaking the uWaterloo women's pentathlon record of 3,483 points. She then went on to represent uWaterloo at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) championships and once again broke the new varsity record with 3,494 points.

Man of cold-steel

Engineering graduate student won 2nd place in an International design competition

Out of 55 engineering design entries from eight universities around the world, Colin Van Niejenhuis, an engineering masters student, ranked second at the 2013 International Student Competition on Cold-formed Steel Design last December.

Humans of UWaterloo

Two creative Arts students launched a popular Facebook Page

Two first-year Arts and Business students created a Facebook page that generated a huge buzz on campus recently: Humans of UWaterloo.

2014 Feds election winners

Students take on legacy of University of Waterloo’s Federation of Students

After countless hours of campaigning and participating in inspiring debates, four students became the victors. Meet your new 2014 Feds executives:

Eco-friendly flight

First-year student wins $1000 award for innovative, sustainable energy idea

Brieuc de Vuyst, a first-year Geography and Aviation student competed in the annual Jack Rosen Memorial Award last January, and successfully carried home the $1,000 grand prize for his creative and innovative presentation that aims to prevent, mitigate or solve environmental problems – ultimately paving the way to a sustainable future.

Happy to help

Applied Health Sciences student earns $5,000 leadership award

Saba Oji arrived in Waterloo when she was 13. She soon began grade nine at Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI), but began to feel alienated at school. She couldn’t speak English, and missed her home in Iran.

Sochi Warriors

uWaterloo students compete in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Andrew Poje, a Science student, and his partner Kaitlyn Weaver, who is working towards a Bachelor of Arts, will represent Canada at the Sochi Winter Olympics in figure skating. Follow the action and help us cheer them on by using the #SochiWarriors tag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Mend with math

PhD Math student helps surgeons correct skull deformities in infants

André Linhares, a 24-year-old PhD student in the Faculty of Mathematics, is working with surgeons at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children to help ensure the best possible outcome for infants who undergo skull surgery.

Under 30 & Thriving

Environment and Business student makes Forbes 30 Under 30 list

“This is the time to be young and ambitious,” writes Forbes at the beginning of their 30 Under 30 list, featuring young prodigies who are innovating 15 different fields of industry. This year, uWaterloo has made a fair contribution to the list, including 21-year old Environment and Business student Douglas Lusted.

Think smart, drive smart

Engineering students builds a smart vehicle that recognizes driver’s habits

“Today, some cars have sports and eco modes, but that’s just two options. Imagine a car that optimizes itself for each unique driver,” says Kelvin Law, a masters student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. “With this smart vehicle, you would have a smartphone app to log all your driving habits - how much you drive, how aggressive you are – and it would optimize the driving experience for you.”

Penning their passion

Imprint sends seven students to national journalism conference

Seven University of Waterloo students recently returned from Edmonton with a new outlook on journalism. Megan Nourse, Nolan Finkelstein, Joanna Cortalea, Juil Yoon, Matt Lawes, Vanessa Sale and Andrew Koo are all volunteers at Imprint, uWaterloo’s campus newspaper. Last term, they started fundraising to attend the Canadian University Press National Conference (CUPnash), a conference for student journalists all over Canada.

Award-winning cancer research

PhD student won $40,000 award from Prostate Cancer Canada

Katie Di Sebastiano, a University of Waterloo PhD student, is one of five students across Canada who received a $40,000 Constantine Karayannopoulos Graduate Studentship Award from Prostate Cancer Canada. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer that affects Canadian men, impacting one in seven over the course of their lifetime. Katie’s award-winning research plans to combine the study of nutrition and cancer research in order to help improve prostate cancer treatments for patients and post-treatments for survivors.

Programmed for fun

Engineering student coaches all-girl team in robot competition

Last Saturday, the University of Waterloo hosted the Western Ontario For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Lego League championships, where students aged 9-14 competed to solve tsunami and other natural disaster situations with robots.

Baby love

Co-op student helps deliver over 200 babies in Uganda

A fourth-year, Applied Health Sciences student, Christina Marchand spent her work term in Uganda last summer. While spending her days in an administrative role for a non-governmental organizaton, Save the Mothers, her evenings were spent in a local clinic helping midwives deliver babies. By the time she returned home, she had delivered 200 babies.

The Greek fight for life

uWaterloo fraternity and sororities surpass fundraising goal

Ian Pinnell, a third-year International Development student, began planning a University of Waterloo fraternity and sorority “Derby Days” fundraising event last summer. What he couldn’t have planned for when he chose to raise money for the Hunstman Cancer Institute was that his Sigma Chi fraternity, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Sigma Lambda Gamma sororities would surpass their $2,500 fundraising goal on day one of the week-long event. By the end of the week, Ian and his group had raised $17,000, almost seven times their original goal.

Work hard, prank hard

Pillow fight prank video reaches over 1.6 million views

Five days – that’s how long it took for a video of spontaneous pillow fights across campus to exceed 1 million views on YouTube. Zaid Tahir and Mickey Areibi, two Arts students, instigated spontaneous pillow fights with students on campus to help relieve some exam stress in early December.

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