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January 2014

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Under 30 & Thriving

Environment and Business student makes Forbes 30 Under 30 list

“This is the time to be young and ambitious,” writes Forbes at the beginning of their 30 Under 30 list, featuring young prodigies who are innovating 15 different fields of industry. This year, uWaterloo has made a fair contribution to the list, including 21-year old Environment and Business student Douglas Lusted.

Think smart, drive smart

Engineering students builds a smart vehicle that recognizes driver’s habits

“Today, some cars have sports and eco modes, but that’s just two options. Imagine a car that optimizes itself for each unique driver,” says Kelvin Law, a masters student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. “With this smart vehicle, you would have a smartphone app to log all your driving habits - how much you drive, how aggressive you are – and it would optimize the driving experience for you.”

Penning their passion

Imprint sends seven students to national journalism conference

Seven University of Waterloo students recently returned from Edmonton with a new outlook on journalism. Megan Nourse, Nolan Finkelstein, Joanna Cortalea, Juil Yoon, Matt Lawes, Vanessa Sale and Andrew Koo are all volunteers at Imprint, uWaterloo’s campus newspaper. Last term, they started fundraising to attend the Canadian University Press National Conference (CUPnash), a conference for student journalists all over Canada.

Award-winning cancer research

PhD student won $40,000 award from Prostate Cancer Canada

Katie Di Sebastiano, a University of Waterloo PhD student, is one of five students across Canada who received a $40,000 Constantine Karayannopoulos Graduate Studentship Award from Prostate Cancer Canada. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer that affects Canadian men, impacting one in seven over the course of their lifetime. Katie’s award-winning research plans to combine the study of nutrition and cancer research in order to help improve prostate cancer treatments for patients and post-treatments for survivors.

Programmed for fun

Engineering student coaches all-girl team in robot competition

Last Saturday, the University of Waterloo hosted the Western Ontario For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Lego League championships, where students aged 9-14 competed to solve tsunami and other natural disaster situations with robots.

Baby love

Co-op student helps deliver over 200 babies in Uganda

A fourth-year, Applied Health Sciences student, Christina Marchand spent her work term in Uganda last summer. While spending her days in an administrative role for a non-governmental organizaton, Save the Mothers, her evenings were spent in a local clinic helping midwives deliver babies. By the time she returned home, she had delivered 200 babies.

The Greek fight for life

uWaterloo fraternity and sororities surpass fundraising goal

Ian Pinnell, a third-year International Development student, began planning a University of Waterloo fraternity and sorority “Derby Days” fundraising event last summer. What he couldn’t have planned for when he chose to raise money for the Hunstman Cancer Institute was that his Sigma Chi fraternity, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Sigma Lambda Gamma sororities would surpass their $2,500 fundraising goal on day one of the week-long event. By the end of the week, Ian and his group had raised $17,000, almost seven times their original goal.

Work hard, prank hard

Pillow fight prank video reaches over 1.6 million views

Five days – that’s how long it took for a video of spontaneous pillow fights across campus to exceed 1 million views on YouTube. Zaid Tahir and Mickey Areibi, two Arts students, instigated spontaneous pillow fights with students on campus to help relieve some exam stress in early December.

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