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August 2014

Hey Waterloo students - you do some pretty awesome things and we want to tell your stories of success. Help us bring your accomplishments (and those of your friends) to life. While you're here, read what other students are up to, share their stories and tell the world about the cool, smart and fun things Waterloo students do.

The start of something new

Members of the UWaterloo Rotaract club

UWaterloo Rotaract club comes to campus

Guest blog by Anna Giesbrecht

Rotaract stands for peace, health, community and education; it offers opportunities in the community, workplace, and internationally; and it’s a place where people who are looking to be challenged, make a difference, and have fun can come together.

Food for thought

"Crunch Time Delivery Service"Third year Arts student delivers food to students on campus during exams

Exam season can be tough. Students become dedicated to studying and bunk down in Dana Porter or the Davis Centre to review. Third-year Arts student Emily Shiu is familiar with this situation, and this term she decided to do something to help her fellow students.


Pitching for kidney care

Morteza and Andrew work in their lab in Velocity Science.

Engineering student competes for one million dollar prize in 43North

Next week, Qidni Labs will be one of 113 companies to pitch for a $1 million USD prize in the 43North semi-finals. The start-up, headed by Engineering alumni Morteza Ahmadi and fourth-year Engineering student Andrew Medonca, is based out of Velocity Science and is one of only seven companies headed to the 43North semifinals from Canada. In fact, they are the only company pitching from Kitchener-Waterloo.

90 days in Peru

Wil Schmor in Peru.

Arts student travels to Peru with St. Jerome's Beyond Borders program

Guest blog by Wil Schmor

Hola! My name is Wil Schmor and I am entering my 3A term at the University of Waterloo studying Global Business And Digital Arts (GBDA). I spent my spring term in Chiclayo, Peru working for a coffee brand called Café Femenino. This was done through the Beyond Borders program at St. Jerome’s University.