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October 2014

Hey Waterloo students - you do some pretty awesome things and we want to tell your stories of success. Help us bring your accomplishments (and those of your friends) to life. While you're here, read what other students are up to, share their stories and tell the world about the cool, smart and fun things Waterloo students do.

I am a UWaterloo voter

Renison group standing beside their I Am A Voter boothDid you exercise your right to vote this year? A group of UWaterloo students aimed to solve the problem of low voter turnout by campaigning to make students' voices heard during this year's municipal elections.

UWaterloo students' innovation wins 10,000 euros

Three VeMACollegues accepting their 10,000 euro chequeThree UWaterloo students have returned from France with a prize of 10,000 euros in their back pockets, thanks to an invention that helps vehicles communicate with each other to enhance passenger safety.

uIntuition: passion meets industry

Michal Ulman and Melissa MorganIn a time when resumes and portfolios are incredibly important, two University of Waterloo students have created a way to connect students to their preferred career industry.

Sun safety simplified with a UWaterloo invention

Suncayr team

Suncayr Team from left to right:
Soboleski, Derek Jouppi, Rachel Pautler, Andrew Martinko, Chad Sweeting

The sun is shining bright on five Nanotechnology students who have developed a brilliant way to help keep skin safe from UV rays.

"You Are My ______"

You Are My ButtonsTelling someone what they mean to you can be so powerful. A Fine Arts student decided to turn a class project into wearable art and a community-building initiative.

And the winner of 24 Hours of Waterloo is...

Giovanna's don door, 24 Hours of Waterloo contest winning photo
The winner of 24 Hours of Waterloo has been announced!

Pokemon Masters

Edward Yang, John Liu, Kevin Nguyen, and Jack Gao at Hack the NorthOpen Pokemon from left to right: Kevin Nguyen, John Liu, Edward Yang, Jack Gao

UWaterloo students place in the top ten at Hack the North 

24 Hours of Waterloo: Success

24 Hours of Waterloo AdvertismentFor 24 hours on October 1, the UWaterloo campus community came together to share what their UWaterloo looked like, as part of the annual 24 hours of Waterloo project.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni were encouraged to post photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram and Vine using the hashtag #uwaterloolife. 

Work. Study. Play Volleyball.

Jason Elzinga playing volleyballAn award-winning varsity athlete with a 95.6 per cent average shows us that it is possible to attain a life/school balance while in university.