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January 2016

Hey Waterloo students - you do some pretty awesome things and we want to tell your stories of success. Help us bring your accomplishments (and those of your friends) to life. While you're here, read what other students are up to, share their stories and tell the world about the cool, smart and fun things Waterloo students do.

Pharmacy students use candy to teach kids about medication safety

Who would have thought of using candy in a medical program? UWaterloo co-op students, of course!

Katie and Sarah presenting

Six students tackle climate change with the UN in Paris

Were you following the landmark UN Climate Change Conference in Paris last month? Six of our Environment students were there, representing UWaterloo and doing their part to create a better world for future generations.

UWaterloo COP21 delegates

Third year students hatch a plan for the future of the earth

Have you ever worked on a co-op term with other UWaterloo students? Did you ever see them go above and beyond? Michelle Wesolowski and Tania Casaluce are two such students, who both made an exceptional impression on their employer.

Michelle standing with colleagues

EngSoc President leaves mental health legacy on campus

Hannah on friendship benchOn paper, you are truly thriving. Yet on the inside, you struggle with depression so severe that your very existence is threatened. This is Hannah Gautreau’s story.

Student graces St. Paul's with six-foot-tall artwork

This art piece may be a tad too large to hang above your bed.Melissa Johns standing beside dream catcher art piece on wall