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March 2016

Hey Waterloo students - you do some pretty awesome things and we want to tell your stories of success. Help us bring your accomplishments (and those of your friends) to life. While you're here, read what other students are up to, share their stories and tell the world about the cool, smart and fun things Waterloo students do.

Six students at the peak of their co-op game

Each year, UWaterloo celebrates one student from each faculty for outstanding achievement in co-operative education. To be considered for one of the prestigious awards, a co-op student must go above and beyond their employers’ expectations, be involved with their community, maintain a high academic standing and contribute positively to the co-op program. Congratulations to this year's winners!

Co-op group shot

A picture of peace before the bombs

Lucy Wang's TimeFrom co-op to academic exchange, UWaterloo students have the opportunity to travel the world and share their experiences with us. Earlier this month, Waterloo International showcased 13 student photographers in a campus-wide competition for International Celebrations Week. The finalists displayed their artwork in the second-floor bridge connecting the Math and computing building (MC) and Davis Centre (DC). All afternoon, students and staff had the opportunity to evaluate the photo submissions and vote on their favourites.

The engineers strike again

UWaterloo’s engineering teams cleaned up at this month’s Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC). From March 3-6, engineering students from universities across the country went head to head at McGill University for prizes in design, consulting, reengineering, debate and communications. All four UWaterloo teams that competed brought back silver or gold medals, showcasing once again why Waterloo is one of the top engineering schools in Canada.Senior Design Team

Syde Chicks rule the roost at Portal Hackathon

Ever had an idea that would change student life at UWaterloo? Every year dozens of students strive to leave their mark on campus, including the competitors who vie to build a new widget for the student portal. This year, nearly 40 students gathered at the Portal Hackathon to put their skills and creativity to the test.​Syde Chicks holding hackathon prizes

Lights, camera, harmonize

The lights blind you, the crowd grows silent and months of preparation are all on the line. There are no instruments to drown out potential mistakes. Despite the pressure, UWaterloo's a cappella teams sang their way to international victory

A large acapella team performs on stage

Photo by Matthew Leandres

The curtain rises on three student productions

Out of the boxHave you ever wanted to direct a play? Have you ever dreamed about starring as the lead actor or working behind the scenes of a major production? This ain’t Broadway, but UWaterloo produces some excellent theatre.

She shoots, she scores..!

In 2015-16, she earned 20 points for her team with four goals in the regular hockey season. The UWaterloo athlete gave a whopping 16 assists this year and is ending her career at eighth place in Canada for assists. She is Kaitlyn McDonell, outgoing captain of UWaterloo’s women’s hockey team.

Kaitlyn McDonell

Renison don vlogs her way to mental health

Emma Roy

Remember how weird it was going back to live with your parents after being at university? Do you not know at times if you qualify as an adult? Finally there’s a video series for that.

Revolutionizing your wardrobe using bamboo

Ramdev with PrototypeYou might be pitching an idea on a co-op term. You might be hustling to make that exam on time. Whatever you’re doing, sweat stains are an annoyance for many people - and a nuisance that should have been eradicated long ago, according to Chanakya Ramdev.