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May 2016

Hey Waterloo students - you do some pretty awesome things and we want to tell your stories of success. Help us bring your accomplishments (and those of your friends) to life. While you're here, read what other students are up to, share their stories and tell the world about the cool, smart and fun things Waterloo students do.

Fine Artist shows the struggle of building a home in latest installation

Visitors looking at Akkermans' installationIn the summer of 2014, Jennifer Akkermans packed up everything she owned and made the long move from Calgary to Waterloo. This move was not an easy one for the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate.

Optometry PhD student performs scholarship hat trick


Vivek Labhishetty, a PhD student, is on a mission to explore unanswered questions in the field of Vision Science. Inspired by his father, an optometrist himself, Vivek set out to become the best clinical optometrist he can be. His passion is reflected in his pursuits, including his latest research on children with myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness.

Waterloo students win international finance competition

Winners of the International Finance Competition

A student team from the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) is all smiles as their victory marks the first Canadian team to win the prestigious CFA Institute Research Challenge, an annual competition that provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis.

Student researchers tell their stories

The Storytellers

The students have become the masters

Award recipients

Have you ever thought about what distinguishes good teachers from bad ones? Teaching is an art and skill that requires hours of preparation, interpersonal awareness and constant tweaking. Given the tremendous skill required to engage learners, UWaterloo recognizes four outstanding student instructors each year.

Crème de la crème from six faculties go head to head in 3MT finals

University of Waterloo's Gah-Jone Won won first prize at the 2016 3MT Ontario provincial competition. Three minutes. Six faculties. One shot at fame. In the 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, master’s and doctoral students have just three minutes and only one slide to present their graduate research. The pressure is intense.


Pokémaniacs prepare for battle of epic proportions

When it comes to epic battles of fantastical creatures, UW Pokémaniacs
know the ropes. With their recent winning streak against universities from across North America and around the world, the Feds club proves that Pokémon is much more than a simple online video game.

Pokemon battle

Ode to joy: Kara Park rocks Beethoven

She adjusts the bench. Sits down. Closes her eyes briefly. Takes a deep breath. Lifts both hands to the keyboard. No, this wasn't another hackathon. This was the UWaterloo Orchestra's second Concerto and Aria Competition.

Kara with UW orchestra