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From 2013-2018, the UWaterloo Life Blog revealed many highlights of the University of Waterloo student experience. What started as one story all the way back in 2013, snowballed into over 300 unique tales of adventure and perseverance, a little failure, and a lot of success. If you liked the blog, you’ll love our Instagram! Follow @UWaterloolife to discover new stories of student success and follow along with student takeovers.

Paving the way to sustainability

Third-year Environment student revamps the Davis Centre courtyard

Elspeth Holland, a third-year Environment and Business student, joined the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) in the spring of 2013, and by August she was the Project Leader of the Davis Centre (DC) Redevelopment Project. Last week, after almost a full year of hard work, the dirt pathways between DC and the Mathematics & Computing building (MC) were paved.

Canada’s new Noah

Environment student selected to help save species from extinction

Martin Kastner, a student from UWaterloo’s Faculty of Environment has been selected by Wildlife Preservation Canada to be “Canada’s New Noah,” a program that provides practical training and field experience in managing and conserving endangered species.

Eco-friendly flight

First-year student wins $1000 award for innovative, sustainable energy idea

Brieuc de Vuyst, a first-year Geography and Aviation student competed in the annual Jack Rosen Memorial Award last January, and successfully carried home the $1,000 grand prize for his creative and innovative presentation that aims to prevent, mitigate or solve environmental problems – ultimately paving the way to a sustainable future.

Under 30 & Thriving

Environment and Business student makes Forbes 30 Under 30 list

“This is the time to be young and ambitious,” writes Forbes at the beginning of their 30 Under 30 list, featuring young prodigies who are innovating 15 different fields of industry. This year, uWaterloo has made a fair contribution to the list, including 21-year old Environment and Business student Douglas Lusted.

The Greek fight for life

uWaterloo fraternity and sororities surpass fundraising goal

Ian Pinnell, a third-year International Development student, began planning a University of Waterloo fraternity and sorority “Derby Days” fundraising event last summer. What he couldn’t have planned for when he chose to raise money for the Hunstman Cancer Institute was that his Sigma Chi fraternity, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Sigma Lambda Gamma sororities would surpass their $2,500 fundraising goal on day one of the week-long event. By the end of the week, Ian and his group had raised $17,000, almost seven times their original goal.

Going global

Environment students travel to Poland for international climate change conference

 Guest blog by Yale Wang  

This weekend, a team of nearly 20 Environment undergraduate and master’s students returned from the 19th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland. The team, formed in September, took just two months to fully prepare for their visit to Warsaw where they would join politicians, non-governmental organizations and official representatives from over 134 nations to discuss the fate of our climate system.

Lending an ear

uWaterloo students set up Listening Couches on campus

Fourth-year Knowledge Integration student Ryan Martens and Electrical Engineering masters student Ryan Mann recently offered a new service on campus – free listening. The uWaterloo students met in Fall 2010 at a bible study led by Mann. The meeting sparked more than a friendship; it also led to a wave of positive events around campus.

Sustainable commitment

Environment & Business students work with Jack Johnson on environmental initiatives

Environment and Business (EB) fourth year students Emily Ma, Kelly Huang, Kirat Maloka, and Alexandra Ramos are bringing music and environmental sustainability to the masses. Under the name of EcoShift Consultants, the students are working with the Jack Johnson All At Once (AAO) campaign to use social media to promote the AAO’s goals of gaining support for sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives.

Education innovation

uWaterloo students recommend education overhaul at Learning 2030 summit

Equinox Summit: Learning 2030 wrapped up last week, announcing their recommendations for the future of education. The participants that worked together during this summit included two uWaterloo Knowledge Integration students, Ian Scholten and Zainab Ramahi.

In tune with mental health

First-year student finalist in prestigious songwriting competition

Maggie Wang, a first-year Knowledge Integration student who goes by “Mags” in the music industry, is one of three finalists in the Gospel/Inspirational category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.


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