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Professionals supporting students

A student and professor sit at a desk together

When you interact with Waterloo students, you’re making a difference.

The student experience at Waterloo is shaped by many factors, but the connections our students have with faculty and staff members is a vital component. These roles support not only retention, but also key elements of a student’s success – their satisfaction, their persistence, their purpose

“The importance of strong connections between students and their professors, advisors or other key student-facing roles cannot be emphasized enough. The faculty and staff members who regularly interact with students directly are a key piece of supporting a vibrant student experience at Waterloo.”

Chris Read, Associate Provost, Students

At Waterloo we understand the importance of the work you do in a student-facing role, and we want to cultivate an environment where you can access tools and resources to support this work. We hope to continue to grow this content and we would appreciate your feedback. Please contact Heather Westmorland  if you have any questions.

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