Graduate Studies contacts by academic unit

Department of Kinesiology

Denise Hay
Graduate Program and Department Coordinator 

Joe Quadrilatero
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies (on sabbatical until December 31, 2019) 

Andrew Laing
Interim Associate Chair, Graduate Studies 

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Tracy Taves
Faculty Graduate Studies Administrator (on leave - contact Allie Serota)

Allie Serota
Interim Graduate Studies Administrator

Bryan Grimwood
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

School of Public Health and Health Systems

Research-based programs

Brian Mills
Graduate Program Coordinator (MSc and PhD Programs)

Ellen MacEachen
Associate Director, Graduate Research Programs

Course-based professional programs

Melissa Santo
Professional Graduate Programs Coordinator, MPH, MHI and MHE Programs

John Garcia
Associate Director, Graduate Professional Programs