Communications resources

Communications team

Eugenia Xenos Anderson, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Communications

Michelle Douglas-Mills, Manager, Web and Digital Communications

Siyavash Izadi, Social Media Specialist

Jenna Braun, Communications Specialist

Need to get the word out?


Increase your event attendance by publicizing through our communications vehicles - such as social media platforms, digital screens in B.C. Matthews Hall and the Expansion Building, and the Faculty of Health home page.

We can also submit Faculty of Health events for consideration in centrally-produced communications including the Waterloo Events calendar and the Daily Bulletin.

Send an email to Michelle Douglas-Mills briefly describing your event.

News or stories

Share your news or stories with your target audience - whether that is students, staff or the general public. We can help you identify your audience, draft stories, and develop strategies to spread the word.

Email Eugenia Xenos Anderson to discuss your news or stories.


Think your research would make an interesting news story for the general public? From drafting press releases to pitching research to the media, we can help generate interest in your work. Contact Eugenia Xenos Anderson to learn about media outreach opportunities.

Promotional material

We can assist with a variety of special communications projects, including consulting on:

  • event flyers and posters
  • promotional items (e.g., zap banners, Tshirts, giveaways)
  • written promotional pieces such as brochures or advertising
  • the Faculty's visual identity and positioning, including direction on use of university wordmarks, colour palette, terminology etc.

Contact Eugenia Xenos Anderson for more information.

Media training

We offer media training and interview rehearsals on a request basis. Email Eugenia Xenos Anderson to book an appointment.

I’ve been contacted by the media. Now what?

Before you talk to the media, let Eugenia Xenos Anderson know. We keep a database of faculty media appearances and may have some useful tips for your interview.

Want to augment your online presence?

For assistance with:

  • planning and delivering engaging web content
  • information on the University's web content management system, including creating new websites
  • best practices in web communications, including accessibility
  • investigating how social media may support your communications goals

Contact Michelle Douglas-Mills, Manager, Web and Digital Communications.