Brand home

The University of Waterloo was designed to be different. Our brand supports us in delivering that message by making sure we always communicate our unique value consistently, effectively and proudly.


Purpose of brand guidelines

Our brand guidelines provide staff, faculty, partners and vendors the tools they need to effectively tell the Waterloo story. By establishing consistency and clear communication, we strengthen our brand voice, build pride among our University community and support our strategic goals.

What’s inside

The brand guidelines define best practices for how to express the Waterloo brand in visual and written formats. This includes instructions for correct logo usage, imagery, colours, typography and more.

The guidelines also describe who we are as an organization to ensure we present a united voice when promoting the University.

Who should follow these guidelines

The Waterloo brand guidelines are to be followed by University staff, faculty, partners and vendors involved in developing Waterloo marketing and communications and/or promoting our story.

Learn more about Waterloo's brand and how to express it.

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