While it’s true that every word conveys a message, the visual impact of our words is equally powerful. Typography infuses the Waterloo brand with personality, expressing our tone and values.

Innovative, bold and original, our brand fonts add a layer of meaning, telling audiences who we are. Using them consistent signals to audiences that what they’re reading is from Waterloo.

We use the following three typefaces consistently across all University communications:

Each typeface serves specific purposes as described by its primary and secondary usages (although its use is not limited to these applications). Follow the guidelines on this page to properly apply the brand typography.

Key considerations

Access and licensing

All three brand fonts are centrally licensed for WCMS responsive websites. Le Monde is also available with an Adobe Cloud subscription. If you need access to the brand fonts, contact Creative Studio for more information.

Legacy fonts

Gotham is a former Waterloo brand font. It is still used in signage and logos. To get access to Gotham, submit a request to Information Systems and Technology.