Report templates

Use annual reports, progress reports or strategic plans to systematically track and communicate an organization's achievements, financial health, and long-term goals, ensuring consistency and clarity in documentation and planning. You can create your own using a branded template or request a custom consultation from Creative Studio.

Branded report and strategic plan templates are available in the following formats:

  • Adobe InDesign, using the University, faculty or school colour palette, logo, brand and alternative fonts. You can toggle between themes using the Pages window. There is one InDesign template for all report types and strategic plans.
  • Microsoft Word, using the University of Waterloo colour palette, faculty or school colour palette, logo and alternative fonts.


A Waterloo username and password are required to download these files.

Adobe InDesign files

  • The annual report, progress report and strategic plan template is available with either licensed fonts or alternative fonts.

Microsoft Word templates

  • Annual reports, progress reports and strategic plans are available with either licensed fonts or alternative fonts.