Waterloo is an engine for innovation, exploration and new ideas. Video is one of the most powerful forms we have to convey our story in an increasingly digital world. 

By telling Waterloo stories, video communicates our brand platform and shines a light on the exciting people and ideas that make our university unique. With strong video storytelling, we can increase engagement on our digital channels, while educating, entertaining and delighting audiences.

The guidelines on this page are intended for video producers creating content to market the University. They do not apply to videos produced by faculty, staff or students as part of academic research or coursework.

Key considerations

When creating video about the University, you should use standard elements to ensure the look and feel supports the Waterloo brand. In addition to using a consistent top, tail, watermark and lower third treatment, consider these guidelines:

  • Use a visual style that follows the guiding principles for Waterloo imagery.
  • If you are incorporating hard-coded text overlays, use Bureau Grotesque or an approved alternative.