We are defined by the stories we tell — and that includes both what we say and how we say it.

Lucky for us, Waterloo is alive with courage, exploration, discovery and originality. It’s our job to communicate those narratives in a way that’s true to our brand voice and vision.

This page gives you tips and guidelines for telling stories that are distinctly Waterloo.

Key considerations

Regardless of the form and content, we should always be intentional with our writing and aware of our audiences. Being mindful of how we speak and what messages we convey ensures that our stories resonate with audiences as well as align with our objectives and brand platform. 

Follow this checklist to help you develop brand stories:

  • Audience — With whom am I speaking?
  • Personality — What is the tone of our conversation?
  • Values — What values am I highlighting?
  • Differentiator(s) — What differentiator(s) am I demonstrating?
  • Inspiration — How has Waterloo made this story possible?

Storytelling principles

Following consistent storytelling principles strengthens our brand identity and helps us put our best face forward in written communications. Building on the checklist in the previous section, you can use the following guidelines to develop content and speak to a range of audiences.

Waterloo brand platform storytelling principles and how to apply them.

Start a conversation

Because we communicate with so many different people, we need to identify our audience for each piece of content. What do they care about most? What catches their attention?


Let our personality shine

Using the right tone of voice brings the culture and spirit of Waterloo to life. Word choice, sentence structure and punctuation are tools we can use to engage our audiences emotionally and intellectually.


Highlight our values

Values are what we care most deeply about. They are also a point of connection with audiences who share our worldview. In every story, we demonstrate at least one value that’s foundational to who we are.


Connect our differentiators

Our stories are an opportunity to illustrate what sets us apart from other postsecondary institutions. They’re our chance to highlight unique ways in which Waterloo is innovative and impactful.


Enlighten and inspire

In all of our stories, we share our collective pride. We demonstrate how the unique outcomes that embody our brand would not have been possible anywhere other than Waterloo.