• Use the University of Waterloo when first mentioning this University in text. 
  • On second reference, use Waterloo, not UW. UW is rarely used; exceptions include social media and grant applications where word count is critical. 
  • Capitalize University in all cases when referring to the University of Waterloo, whether as part of the full title or not. 
  • UWaterloo (with a capital “U” and capital “W”) is an acceptable short form on second reference if Waterloo alone might be confused with the city or the region and where it would be awkward to use the University of Waterloo or the University.
    Note: The word “the” is not part of the University of Waterloo’s official name — do not capitalize. Also, do not capitalize the “of” in the University name. 
  • The #UWaterloo hashtag can be used to tag social media posts. 

Examples: the University of Waterloo, a guide to University policies, UWaterloo roadways.