How to express our brand

Creativity and exploration are central to the Waterloo brand experience. We live and breathe innovation. We encourage each other to challenge convention. And we thrive on the discovery of new possibilities.

In order to express our brand, it's important to respect the integrity, longevity and strength of Waterloo’s brand identity that's been established over time. 

By following our brand guidelines, we ensure that we portray the brand consistently and authentically. In doing so, we guarantee its continued ability to embody and unify the various disciplines and accomplishments that Waterloo represents.

Explore the following sections to learn how to effectively embody the Waterloo brand across various contexts.

close-up of waterloo logos in brand guidelines document

View guidelines for applying the Waterloo logo and following the logo architecture.

Arts brochure exampleColours

Learn how to use the Waterloo colour bar and apply the approved colour palette.


Close-up of inerior page of Global Impact ReportTypography

Find out more about Waterloo’s brand fonts, when to use them and alternative font options.

Student writing in a notebook

Review the writing guidelines to help you create content that tells the Waterloo story.


Photographer taking photo during photoshoot

Access imagery guidelines for photography, illustration, generative renders, symbols, icons and more.

Handing looking at website on mobile device
Brand applications

Learn how to portray the brand in various contexts, including websites, social media, audio and video, signage, events and stationery.


mockup of creative services homepageCreative Studio

Find out what Creative Studio does and how we can help you deliver your marketing and communications.