You+Waterloo animated hexagon
You+Waterloo common video tail, available to download from the resource page.

Our You+Waterloo brand expression is a framework to help you demonstrate our unique positioning and tell stories that engage our diverse audiences. 

These guidelines build on the foundation of our existing brand platform and visual identity guidelines. They’re set up to introduce the campaign elements, share best practices for using them, and inspire as you develop marketing and communications. 

You+Waterloo creates a platform for storytelling that invites audiences in and emphasizes their role in the Waterloo story. Themes of collaboration, connection, and community are central to Waterloo’s culture and brand. Also essential is the representation of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

You+Waterloo calls on all creators, explorers, and boundary-pushing thinkers to join us in driving real-world solutions. Whether engaging students, alumni, employers, donors, funders, faculty, or staff, the message is the same: our greatest impact happens together.

Would you like the You+Waterloo Brand Expression Kit? Contact Christine Goucher to discuss your needs.

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