Campaign visuals


You+Waterloo is the audience-focused umbrella tagline. We use it wherever possible in campaign marketing and communications to align our brand expression.

In design, typeset the tagline in uppercase, left-aligned Bureau Grotesque Condensed Bold.

you plus waterloo tagline

Verbally, the plus symbol can be interpreted as "plus" or "and" to read: "You plus Waterloo" or "You and Waterloo".

Visual elements


The hexagon is an important element in You+Waterloo communications. By using it consistently, we establish continuity across all stories. 

Symbolically, the hexagon represents the six Faculties and the interdisciplinarity that occurs between them. It also stands for community and the collaboration between Waterloo and our partners. 

The interconnected pattern of multiple hexagons forms a highly stable structure, symbolizing the power of interdisciplinarity and relationships. Likewise, tying into the honeycomb of the beehive, the hexagon signals collaboration and the impact of those who are not just thinkers, but also doers, changemakers and problem-solvers.

gold hexagon with six faculties labelled on each point


Using the hexagon

The strongest element of a design system is often invisible. Our foundation is an infinitely scalable grid that you can use to create hexagons in three different but consistent ways:

  1. Partial hexagon
  2. Patterned hexagon
  3. Solid hexagon

In all three variations, the hexagon is designed with the peak up. The colour is always yellow unless it’s being used in a Faculty-specific piece.

gold hexagon over grid



When using photography for telling stories, there are four different approaches you can take: 

  1. People 
  2. Impact 
  3. Invention 
  4. Generative art 

The examples below show how these four approaches can be used to convey different angles of the same story. 

Headshot of Christine DowPeople


Female engineering researcher in labImpact

generative art sampleGenerative art


You+Waterloo in action

Below are examples of how You+Waterloo will be integrated into the University’s marketing initiatives:

digital display advertising example
Interactive display advertising. 

Co-op linkedin ad example
Co-op employer advertising.

inside spread of student brochure concept featuring the You plus waterloo taglie and golden hexagon
Sample student brochure. Print pieces allow for bold text treatments and use of the hexagon while maintaining consistency with established campaign elements.

You+Waterloo out-of-home-advertisement

Exterior graphics. With larger branded installations, you may have the opportunity to bring multiple campaign elements together, including different styles of imagery, messaging and hexagon types.