Colour is central to the Waterloo brand.

By using colours consistently and appropriately, we build awareness, recognition and trust with our audiences. This page explains how to properly apply the University and faculty colour palettes.

About the Waterloo colours

The full Waterloo colour palette contains a total of ten colours with associated hues and shades, selected to follow best practices in design, readability and accessibility. The primary colours are the most frequently used, while the various shades provide more flexibility across applications.

UWaterloo colour palette

The colour palette includes:

Colour levels

Within the palette, there are four levels of each colour. These levels offer various shades and hues for flexibility across applications.

 University colour bar showing colour levels 1 through four.

Each colour in the palette has four levels.


The primary colour is typically level 3 for print and level 4 for digital. Using these levels wherever appropriate ensures we meet colour contrast requirements mandated by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).