Transfer to Faculty of Health

If you are currently an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo and wish to apply to any program within the Faculty of Health (Health), you will be applying for an internal transfer.

Understand your motivations to transfer to Health

Consider your answers to these questions:

  • What is motivating your decision to transfer to Health?
    • If there is a particular program you would like to transfer into, what about this program sparks your interest?
    • Has there been a course that you enjoyed taking? Why?
  • What are your personal and career goals?
  • What other options are you considering? 
    • Explore CareerHub to find out more about your interests, values, and skills, and how it all ties into meeting your goals through a Health program. We recommend exploring the “Decision-Making” and "Further Education" sections of the hub.
    • Have you considered another University, College or alternate post-secondary options?


  • Consult with your current academic advisor to discuss what options are available in your current Faculty. Many students are surprised at what options are open to them.

  • The Centre for Career Development is another great place to seek advice, meeting with a career advisor can open doors that you were not aware of. This meeting can also help to ensure that Health is right for you!

Explore which Health program meets your goals

Admission requirements

Each program has its own admission requirements:

Application process

  1. Meet with an internal transfer advisor:
  2. Submit a transfer form:
    • For students from another faculty, please complete a Faculty transfer form and submit it to the transfer advisor for your target program.
    • For Faculty of Health students wanting to transfer to another program within the faculty, complete a Plan Modification form and submit it to the transfer advisor for your target program.
  3. Complete a qualifying term:
    • If you have already completed the admission requirements for your target program, your transfer form will be assessed immediately.
    • If you haven't completed the admission requirements for your target program, you will need to complete a qualifying term in which you completed the missing admission requirements. Your transfer form will be assessed at the end of the qualifying term once your grades are available.
    • Qualifying terms can be completed at different times of the year depending on your target program:
      • Health Sciences: Fall term only
      • Kinesiology: Fall and Winter
      • Public Health: Fall term only
      • Recreation and Leisure Studies: Fall, Winter and Spring

Once admitted

Upon successful transfer to Health, your record will be reviewed and transfer credits will be assessed and awarded. Internal transfer credits are assessed by the transfer advisor and applied to the record in order to prevent repeating courses.