Recreation and Sport Business graduate, Russell, pictured inside the Air Canada Centre.

Are you passionate about recreation and sport, and interested in business? At Waterloo there’s no need to comprise. Our one-of-a-kind Recreation and Sport Business program enables you to combine recreation courses with transferable business skills – giving you the best of both worlds!

What will I get out of the program?

  • Take recreation and sport courses from Waterloo’s top recreation professors, and business courses from Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University’s (WLU) renowned School of Business and Economics.
  • Gain a solid understanding of recreation combined with business skills in areas such as accounting, finance, human resources and marketing. With your solid understanding of recreation and leisure, and the skills to develop and deliver products and services, you’ll be uniquely qualified to pursue a career in the recreation and sport industry and beyond.
  • Prepare to work in the public, private, or not-for-profit sectors, start your own business or pursue graduate studies (e.g. an MBA).

Sample courses

  • History of Western Sport
  • Marketing Recreation and Sport Services
  • Principles of High Performance Organizations in Recreation and Sport
  • Mobilizing Resources for Recreation and Sport Delivery
  • Event Management
  • Building and Managing Products, Services, and Brands (WLU)

Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for a full list of courses in this major.

How do I choose this major?

Apply to Recreation and Leisure Studies (co-op or regular) and then choose Recreation and Sport Business as your "subject of major interest". You'll be admitted to Recreation and Leisure Studies, and then be placed into Recreation and Sport Business when you start your studies in the fall.