Resources and services


The Health Computing Office offers a wide range of information technology services to all Health faculty, staff and students. If you have a computer-related problem or are simply interested in what Health Computing has to offer, check out the Health Computing Office website.

Endowment fund

The Applied Health Sciences Endowment Fund (AHSEF) was established in the Fall of 1994 as a student-based financial support system created to enhance the academic environment of all undergraduates in the Faculty of Health.

Each undergraduate student registered in the Faculty of Health contributes to the fund, as a donation to the University of Waterloo through AHSEF. The money is a voluntary contribution used to support student-initiated projects with an academic and student life focus, and it is the hope of AHSEF that all undergraduate students in Health view the fund as a significant contribution to help themselves and their fellow classmates receive the best possible education.

Mental health and wellness support

Students, staff and faculty may access resources on-campus and off year-round. Get mental health support when you need it.

The Faculty's Advisory Committee on Health and Well-being gathers information, organizes and sponsors events related to wellness, seeks opportunities to provide mental health support, and advises the Dean of Health on direction and initiatives related to health and well-being for all members of the Faculty. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email  

Student associations

The Association of Health Students Undergraduate Members (AHSUM) is the student association for all Health undergraduate students and supports many aspects of the Waterloo experience. AHSUM holds social events throughout the terms and offers a number of services for students, which include an exam bank, clothing orders, and resource support.

In addition to the University's Graduate Student Association, students can connect with classmates via their program's student association:

Centre for Community, Clinical and Applied Research Excellence (CCCARE)

The Centre for Community, Clinical and Applied Research Excellence (CCCARE) offers a team of experienced, certified exercise specialists dedicated to providing the highest level of fitness services. Whether you are looking to improve your overall fitness, boost your competitive athletic performance, or manage side effects of cancer treatment, their motivating staff provide the guidance and information you need to reach your fitness goals.

Avedon Games Collection website

In 1971, the University established a public museum dedicated to research and the collection, preservation, and exhibition of games and game-related objects from around the world. In 2010, the Museum closed and the collection was transferred to the Canadian Museum of Civilization (now the Canadian Museum of History). Much of the Avedon Games Collection, named for its founder Professor Elliott Avedon, is featured on the original games museum website