Strategic plan

The making of a healthier world

When we started the process of strategic planning in the fall of 2018, we did not know we would be releasing our Faculty’s five-year roadmap in the midst of a pandemic. However, the priorities, goals and objectives we developed with faculty members, staff and students are as relevant as ever.

That’s because, fundamentally, our vision and mission reflect a longstanding and deep commitment to a healthier world, one which we research and educate from a variety of vantage points, and at a variety of levels. Whether we work at the individual, community or population level, from ‘cell to society,’ or from the arts, humanities or sciences, our focus is always about improving and protecting health and well-being for all, be it physical, mental, social, or economic.

Human health, with all its complexities, will continue to be a most valued and fragile asset. It will continue to present emerging challenges in the years to come. As a Faculty focused on health, it is our responsibility to untangle the big issues and propose solutions through education, research, experience and co-operation.

Our 2020-25 Strategic Plan is a five-year roadmap that was borne out of a highly collaborative process, with input from hundreds of talented people.

Now, it is time to move these ideas into action.

Lili Liu
Dean, Faculty of Health

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University of Waterloo Strategic Plan

The Faculty of Health’s Strategic Plan outlines the Faculty’s priorities and goals, provides a framework for decision-making and expresses our vision for the future of health research and education in the coming years.

It works in tandem with the University of Waterloo’s Strategic Plan Connecting Imagination with Impact, that will transform how we develop talent, advance research and strengthen communities.