Mission and vision

Two young children exercising on a hill on a sunny day.

Protecting and promoting health and wellbeing


A healthier world


The Faculty promotes and protects health and well-being through excellence in education and research, and through advocacy, collaboration and partnerships.

For details, see our strategic plan.

Our academic units

The School of Public Health Sciences takes a systems approach to facilitating community and social changes that improve and protect the health of populations.

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences investigates the cellular to societal potential of physical activity and nutrition in preventing illness and injury and extending years of high quality life.

The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies examines how health and well-being are enhanced through the effective use of leisure, and contributes to the advancement of recreation and leisure services.

Research and teaching are supported by numerous externally funded research centres focusing on areas such as cancer prevention, population and public health, workplace health and safety, health informatics, and healthy aging.