Community outreach

The Faculty of Health is committed to supporting and exchanging ideas with the Waterloo and broader community through an exciting array of events, programs, and research.

Hallman Lecture series

People sitting in a lecture hall.

The Hallman Lecture series offers public lecture opportunities on health and well-being for community members including public health practitioners, educators and other professionals. Hallman Lectures are funded by Lyle S. Hallman Professional Endowment, established to provide academic leadership on health promotion programs and their effectiveness in changing behaviour, and to stimulate new research in areas such as cardiac rehabilitation, dementia care, fitness and nutrition, and school-based smoking prevention programs.


UW WELL-FIT is a unique group exercise program for individuals undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or hormonal therapy treatment for various cancers.

UW Fitness initiated the program in partnership with oncologists at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre in January 2002. The program is now offered at the University's Centre for Community, Clinical and Applied Research Excellence (CCCARE).

The main objectives of UW WELL-FIT exercise program are to minimize the negative side effects that individuals experience with cancer treatments, as well as improve quality of life for cancer patients.

UW KINnection

Trainer guides adult in performing exercise.

UW KINnection is a free two-hour, one-on-one session with a kinesiology student at the University of Waterloo for those with osteoarthritis, low bone mineral density, osteoporosis or who want to learn more about bone health. They assess aspects of physical function, including posture, flexibility, strength and balance, and teach new exercises tailored to the individual.

Kinesiology Lab Days

Kinesiology Lab Days is an annual high school outreach event for grade 12 Exercise Science and grade 11/12 Biology classes. Held in early-mid December, it features a one-day program of mini-laboratory sessions on assessing, treating, and preventing movement-related illness and injury.

University of Waterloo Brain Bee

Student and instructor with brain speciman in anatomy lab.

The Brain Bee is a competition for high school students in the Region of Waterloo. Competitors study resources provided and answer questions about the brain and neuroscience including topics such as memory, sleep, intelligence, emotion, perception, stress, brain imaging, neurotransmitters, genetics and brain disease. The winner advances to the Canadian Brain Bee. Competitor Nooran AbuMazen (pictured) placed first in the Canadian Brain Bee and second in the world at the International Brain Bee event.

Waterloo West Neighbourhood Fest

Recreation student leads activity in gym with children.

Waterloo West Neighbourhood Fest is a free, drop-in event organized and delivered by University of Waterloo Recreation and Leisure Studies students in partnership with the Stork Family YMCA and Harper Branch Library.

The event is designed for families with young children and offers a variety of fun-filled themed activities the whole family can enjoy, such as crafts, amazing races, science experiments, and active games.