weCONNECTu Mentorship Program

The weCONNECTu mentorship program aims to provide social mentorship to incoming students entering the Faculty of Health by pairing first-year and transfer students with upper-year mentors. Mentors will act as a resource to answer questions related to life at UWaterloo, connect their mentees with resources and services on campus, and offer social supports throughout the first year at university.

Space in this program may be limited. This program does not offer academic supports. For any questions related to specific courses, test preparation, or tutoring services, please contact the Student Success Office.

Why have a peer mentor?

  • get your questions answered quickly by a current student in Health
  • learn from a current student who successfully navigated the transition to university
  • receive tips on getting involved, campus resources, studying, time management and more
  • meet more students within the Faculty of Health

Who are our peer mentors?

Peer mentors in weCONNECTu program are upper-year student volunteers who are passionate about promoting a well rounded, positive, and healthy journey for their fellow students. Peer mentors become a resource for support while also referring mentees to services on campus to ensure students have the tools they need for a positive university experience.

They are not tutors for your specific courses, however, they can answer any questions you have related to academic skills for success, share their personal experiences, and refer you to the right resources on-campus to help you succeed!

How do I connect with a peer mentor?

weCONNECTu is open to all incoming students in the Faculty of Health and can be accessed at any point throughout your first-year at UW! Applications to be matched with an upper-year mentor are open until March.

Timeline for the weCONNECTu peer mentorship program:

  • June: Applications open. 
  • August: Matches between mentor and mentee are released and communication begins.
  • September-November: On-going mentorship and social events
  • December: Break for final exams 
  • January-March: On-going mentorship and social events
  • April: End of program and final exams

If you have any questions about the weCONNECTu program, please contact the Student Relations Officer for the Faculty of Health.

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There are various ways that you can customize your degree in Health to take courses that you are interested in. You do not need to declare a minor, option or specialization in first-year, however, you may learn more about what they are on our web page. 

Apply to be a peer mentor!

If you are an upper year student who is passionate about your program, the Faculty of Health and the University of Waterloo, consider applying to be a peer mentor to support first-year and transfer students as they transition to university!

Learn more about the role, eligibility, and time commitments here. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Relations Officer.

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