Strategic planning process 2019-2020

A Strategic Planning Advisory Committee was established in December 2018 to guide the overall strategic planning process. It has representation for all the key areas of the Applied Health Sciences (AHS) community: faculty, staff, undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni and academic units. The goal is to develop the 2020-25 Strategic Plan, which will define our direction, priorities, goals and objectives for this period. As part of this process, the Faculty is also considering changing our name to the Faculty of Health.

The Committee began its work using evidence and AHS-specific consultations collected at the university level, then gathering more feedback and opinions on the priorities and direction of the Faculty, and setting up working groups as needed. The new Dean joined the process in summer 2019, and the Faculty’s planning has since been synced with that of the University’s work.

Below are the different phases of the process, as well as the working time frame for the AHS Strategic Planning process.

Please check back for information on the next phases as they develop.

Time frame Phase
December 2018 AHS Strategic Plan Advisory Committee established
October 2018 – April 2019 Consultation phase (feedback from university sessions, online survey, suggestion cards, targeted focus groups)
Spring 2019 Working group on vision, mission, values
Summer – Fall 2019 Priority and goal setting
October – November 2019 Working groups on the development of priorities and goals
November 2019 Survey on priorities and goals
December 11, 2019 AHS collaborative forum
December 2019 - March 2020 AHS Strategic Plan development
May 2020 Survey on final draft. View the proposed Strategic Plan here.
May 2020 Strategic Plan approval*
Spring 2020 AHS Strategic Plan Implementation begins

* One of the recommendations in the plan, a proposed Faculty name change, needs to follow the University approval path, so it would be approved and implemented at a later date