Reappointment to a second probationary term

Consideration for reappointment to a second probationary term normally occurs in the final year of the first probationary term.

When a candidate for reappointment has a joint appointment, their case will be considered by the Department/School Tenure and Promotion Committee (DTPC/STPC) of the department/school in which the faculty member has more than 50% of their appointment. The chair/director of this department/school will request and obtain information from the other chair/director for consideration during the DTPC/STPC deliberations.

This page provides a summary of requirements and timelines of typical proceedings for reappointment within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. For further details consult Policy 76, Policy 77 or Administrator, Faculty Relations and Appointments.

Candidate responsibilities

  • By May 1, the candidate must consult with the chair/director and confirm in writing whether they would like to proceed.
  • By June 1, the candidate must submit the following documentation to the chair/director in electronic format (Microsoft Word documents preferred):

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Department/School Tenure and Promotion Committee (DTPC/STPC) responsibilities

  • By April 1, the chair/director will notify faculty members who are eligible for a second probationary term.
  • By May 15, the chair/director will co-ordinate peer evaluations of the candidate's teaching activities.
  • By June 1, the DTPC/STPC will be established. The first task of the DTPC/STPC is to determine whether any of its members have a potential conflict of interest due to a close association with a candidate. The dean, and delegate, will be notified of:
    • DTPC/STPC membership
    • candidates going forward for reappointment
  • By November 1, the DTPC/STPC will meet, assess, and vote on each candidate's case for reappointment.
  • By November 15, the chair/director will compile the DTCP/STPC recommendation, share with the DTPC/SPTC members and receive signed approval.
  • By November 20, the chair/director, with the DTPC/STPC approval, will:
    • inform the candidate in writing of the outcome of DTPC/STPC decision
    • upload the reappointment file (including their recommendation, annual performance review and peer teaching evaluations) to the SharePoint site for the dean to review
    • destroy DTPC/STPC committee member files and remove access to electronic copies

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Dean's Office responsibilities

  • By March 1, the dean will forward a list of faculty members who must be considered for a second probationary term to each chair/director.
  • By February 28 the following year, the dean shall decide whether to reappoint and will inform the candidate in writing of the outcome.

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