Applied Health Sciences Teaching Excellence Fund

The Applied Health Sciences (AHS) Teaching Fellows recognize that innovative teaching and learning activities that go above and beyond the normal resources of the department may be prohibitive because of an incurred cost to the instructor or class. As such, the AHS Teaching Fellows have allocated funds in an effort to remove cost as a barrier to trying new, innovative teaching and learning activities. This document outlines the application process. The AHS Teaching Excellence Fund is not intended to be a recurring (term-over-term, year-over-year) source of funding for a particular course, but rather a means to kick start innovative approaches to teaching and learning. 

The following criteria must be met by applicants:

  • Applicants must be an instructional staff member, faculty member, or sessional instructor;
  • Applicants must be teaching an Applied Health Sciences (AHS), Kinesiology (KIN), Recreation and Leisure Studies (REC), or School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS) undergraduate or graduate course(s) at the University of Waterloo;
  • Applicants must have their concept approved by their Department Chair/Director prior to completing the online application;
  • Successful applicants must submit a final report after the event/lecture;
  • Priority will be given to applicants and activities/initiatives that have not been previously funded.


The funding follows the University of Waterloo budget cycle, May 1 to April 30. The AHS Teaching Fellows have allocated $1500 per term for the Teaching Excellence Fund. All unused funds from a given term will carry-over to the next term. This is a one-time funding opportunity for supporting teaching excellence and innovation and is not intended to sustain a single initiative beyond one term.


Funding should be requested for resources that are not otherwise supported by department budgets, experiential teaching funds, the Applied Health Sciences Endowment Fund (AHSEF), or other funding sources.

Some examples of funding requests might include:

  • Simulated patient/client
  • Virtual reality experience
  • Computer modelling
  • One-time software/program license fee
  • Innovative guest or facilitator
  • Bus or space/facility rental


Step 1: Submit the application proposal to Unit Head

In order to be eligible for funding, you must first have your application approved by your respective Unit Chair/Director.

Step 2: Submit application form to Teaching Fellows

Once your application has been approved by your Unit Chair/Director, you may fill out the AHS Teaching Excellence Fund application form.

We strongly encourage application submission one month prior to the first lecture in the upcoming term. The AHS Teaching Fellows will review applications on a case-by-case basis provided there are available funds for the term in which the application is submitted. The applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received by the AHS Teaching Fellows.

Step 3: Applicant notification

After review of your application, the AHS Teaching Fellows will notify you whether your application was funded or not. All unfunded applicants will be provided with a brief explanation as to why their application was not funded. The Teaching Fellows will aim to provide you with feedback within two weeks of having received your application.

Step 4: Payment

Funds in the approved amount will be transferred to an account for your use. You will be advised of the account number and will use a work order for any expenses. You will be responsible for any costs above the approved amount. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Kirstie Slaney.

Step 5: Final report

Upon completion of the funded teaching initiative, a brief (250-400 word) summary of the event/activity, along with the explanation about how the funds were used, is to be submitted to the AHS Teaching Fellows via email. We encourage the inclusion of student and instructor feedback regarding the pedagogical benefit gained by the funded initiative. The report must be submitted two weeks after the completion of the event. Failure to submit this report may result in ineligibility to apply for future funding.