Applied Health Sciences Teaching Assistant Award nomination form

Complete the form below to nominate an instructor for the Applied Health Sciences Teaching Assistant Award.

Tell us why they were such a terrific teaching assistant. Please provide specific examples that illustrate the candidate's exceptional work.

What should I write?

  • How did they demonstrate a strong commitment to the overall learning, academic, and personal growth of students?
  • How did they exhibit clear communication skills during tutorials, labs, and/or office hours?
  • How did they demonstrate intellectual rigour, enthusiasm, and integrity?
  • How they positively influence students?
  • How did they demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students?
  • How did they contribute to high-quality teaching and student learning (e.g., tutorials, guest lectures, or in one-on-one meetings with students)?

If you have any questions before nominating a candidate you can contact an AHS Teaching Fellow.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

List the course taught by your nominee.
See the above guidelines to help you write a strong, detailed nomination.