Report change in staff/faculty to the AUO

The Arts Undergraduate Office (AUO) acts as a resource for Arts departments and AFIW in a number of areas, including:

  • Undergraduate calendar and curriculum
  • Course scheduling
  • Academic advising

As a staff or faculty member in the Faculty of Arts, you can use this form to report changes to undergraduate roles (incl. Undergraduate Officer/Associate Chair, academic advisor, undergraduate staff member) within your department to the staff in the (AUO). This is especially important for roles that include one or more of the functions listed above.

Completing the form ensures that the appropriate AUO contacts are informed of the change, and can grant the corresponding access to accounts and systems depending on the role of the new staff or faculty member. This includes:

  • Updating mailing lists
  • Updating membership lists and meeting invites if applicable
  • Updating websites
  • Access to student information systems
  • Access to MS Teams relevant to the role
  • A welcome email detailing the various resources and access for the new staff or faculty person

Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Arts Undergraduate Office: or ext. 45870

Information about new staff/faculty
Please list the department OR, if the new staff/faculty member is an academic advisor, the title of plan(s) that this individual will be advising.

Examples: Classical Studies (dept); Management Studies (plan); Psychology Minor (plan).
Used to grant access to systems.
If there is a generic department email address this person will use instead of their personal email, please provide it here.
Building and room number.
Primary advisor contact?
If the staff/faculty member is an academic advisor, are they the primary contact for students and should be listed on the Arts Advisors webpage?
Passport access?
Is the staff/faculty member responsible for endorsing students for exchange in the Passport system?
Calendar Rep?
Is the staff member responsible for curricular submissions and proofing calendar text?
Scheduling Rep?
Is the staff member responsible for scheduling undergraduate courses?
Information about individual submitting the information
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