Undergraduate teaching term information

On this page you'll find the resources you need for teaching undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Arts in a particular term, including important dates, grades, academic rules for assignments and tests, academic integrity information, course outline requirements, as well as resources for course development and student support. This information was previously distributed in the Beginning of Term and End of Term memos sent by the Arts Undergraduate Office. 

Winter 2023 Beginning of Term Reminders

Winter 2023

  • Course materials should be available to your students online. Contact the library for help with this.
  • W Store continues to provide course materials, products, and services to the campus community. Instructors may place their course adoptions for the winter term online, using W Store’s online adoption system.
  • Visit the University of Waterloo Coronavirus website to stay informed and get the most recent updates for students and instructors.
  • Review the Registrar’s Office Mass Communications page (WatIAM login required) for past and planned communications to undergraduate students, to learn what information has been shared with them.  


Fall 2022 end of term reminders

Syllabus / course outline


Beginning Spring 2022, we strongly encourage Arts instructors to begin using outline.uwaterloo.ca. This course outline software is being implemented across campus very successfully. It allows you to create and edit course outlines using pre-formatted layouts, quickly revise them for each term you’re teaching, and share with your students. Mandatory content is included in the template, and faculty-specific optional statements can be added easily.

Benefits of using this system:

  1. Empowers students to view their course outlines at any point in their academic career.
  2. Gives students a consistent information layout across all their courses.
  3. Simplifies administrative and archival processes by keeping all our outlines in one place in a standard format.

Start with Getting started with outline.uwaterloo.

Syllabus template and required elements

Accessible syllabus template, August 2021 (docx) — includes University Senate-approved basic elements and required statements

Secretariat syllabus/course outline required elements

Optional statements for course outlines, December 2020 (docx)

Reading Week (Fall and Winter terms)

Refer to Important Dates for specific Reading Weeks. Reading Week normally begins on a Saturday and ends on the following Sunday. During this time, normal class schedules and academic requirements are suspended. Student services such as student advising support, Health Services, Counselling Services, the library, and residences continue to provide service.

Instructors are not permitted to administer, and students are not required to sit for examinations, tests, or lectures during Reading Week. There are to be no compulsory academic events (e.g., classes, labs, tutorials, seminars, exams). Deadlines for assignments are not permitted during Reading Week (see Scheduled Pauses in the Academic Term).

Instructors should consider including their availability in their course outline, if possible. When instructors are not available to assist students during Reading Week, alternate arrangements for students seeking help should be made.

Course evaluations / Student Course Perceptions Survey

  • Course evaluations normally occur during the last two weeks of classes, and are completed using the eValuate online system.
  • Throughout the term you should receive several emails with detailed instructions and information about this process from the Arts Computing Office.
  • The Arts Computing Office collects and tabulates evaluations, then emails instructors with information on how to access their own results
  • Course evaluations will eventually be replaced by the new Waterloo Student Course PerceptionsSurvey (postponed)

Arts Connect: Student Alert

Arts Connect logo featuring a cartoon Porcellino (the boar mascot) wearing an orange Arts shirt , wearing a backpack and holding books and an apple.

The Student Alert initiative runs each term through a widget in Learn. This is a targeted approach where students can self-select to receive support, can send an alert for a classmate, or an instructor can submit an alert for a student they are concerned about.  

Instructors will identify students who are:  

  • Performing poorly academically 
  • Chronically absent or disengaged from studies and class activity 
  • Seemingly isolated 
  • Exhibiting signs of distress  

When a Student Alert is sent by an instructor, the Arts Undergraduate Office (AUO) advising team receives an email message outlining the concern with the student and the student’s advisor will reach out promptly to provide support and make a connection.   

Learn how to add the Arts Connect widget to your course shell in Learn.


Student support links

Academic Advising

Questions about completion of Arts degree requirements should be directed to the student's Academic Advisor. Similarly, students registered in other faculties who are taking courses in Arts should contact their respective program advisors.  

Student societies and associations

More comprehensive information and links can be found on the University of Waterloo Current Students page.