Event promotion

What you'll need

  • An eye catching image to use in promotional materials. (See the Resources page for where to find free-to-use images.) Landscape (horizontal) oriented images are easier to crop for web banners, digital screens, and social media, but many stock websites have portrait (vertical) and landscape versions of the same subject.
  • Speaker image, bio and their social media handles (if applicable)
  • Messaging (title and description)
  • Logistical information (where and when, hybrid or in person, registration, agenda, etc.)
  • Content that is designed for different channels.

Do you need a QR code?

There are many free QR code generators available online - but first consider how and where you might need one.

The QR stands for "quick response" - these collections of cubes allow smartphone users to access a link simply by using the camera on their phone rather than having to type in a link. They work well on physical objects (like posters or signs), where a user would otherwise have to get out their phone to manually type in a link.

For social media and webpages, a link offers a better user experience. Consider the example of an event registration. Including a link in your body of your social media post or on your webpage is a simple click that lets them complete the form right where they are. (For example, if they are accessing the event page on a laptop they can easily get to the registration and fill it out right then and there.)

Make the destination page offers a good experience for mobile users, not just desktop. For example, linking to a PDF is not idea for phone users but linking to a webpage that adapts to the screen size will make it more usable.

QR Code generators:

Events for your department or school only

  • Create an event webpage on your department website using the Event content type in the WCMS. These event submission tips and guidelines can help you create a page that’s visually appealing and accessible.
  • Add an event to your department Facebook page. Be sure to link to your event registration (if available.)
  • Share on your department's social media accounts. Multiple posts are okay on Twitter. You can use Stories on Instagram as well.
  • Reach out to your student associations and campus partners (ex. research institutes) to see if they will help promote via their social media.
  • Use appropriate department email lists to share the event.
  • Create a print poster to display on bulletin boards. The Brand website has downloadable templates.

Events open to all of Arts

If the event is open to everyone in Arts, considering adding the following tactics:

  • Event webpage on Arts Faculty website (please contact Wendy or Elizabeth)
  • Tag @UWaterlooArts in your social media promotion so we can share from the Arts main channels.
  • Create a digital screen for display in the PAS corridor and outside Hagey Hall Hub
  • Send an invitation through Arts Announce mailing list.
  • Take 10 posters to the Arts Student Union office for them to post around Arts Buildings.
  • Sent an evite through internal campus partners such as other faculties, institutes, and schools.
  • For student-focused events, the Arts Undergraduate Office can post to Discord and/or SmARTspace.

Events open to the University

If everyone at the University is welcome to attend, here are some ways to reach them:

Events open to alumni

If you would like to email your department's alumni or have the event included in Arts' alumni communications, please contact Phoebe Wong.

Events open to the community and the public

Planning an event?

Community Relations has event planning tools and resources to help.