Arts Research Office

Arts Research Office advances Faculty of Arts research by providing information, guidance, and support to Arts faculty members pursuing internal and external research funding. The Dean of Arts Office also provides direct support for research in the form of cash and in-kind contributions for grant applications and funding for meritorious research and creative initiatives for which no funding programs are available.


The Arts Research Office, and in particular the Arts Research Development Officer, is available throughout the year to provide assistance to faculty in their grant application activities. We can

  • serve as a sounding board as you develop project ideas and a research plan,
  • help you identify appropriate funding opportunities and develop a grant application plan,
  • assist you as you develop a funding proposal and project budget,
  • point you to grant-writing resources (e.g., sample applications, online resources, listservs, etc.),
  • provide  editorial and structural feedback on grant proposals and applications,
  • connect you with researchers in the Faculty of Arts and elsewhere on campus with similar or complementary research interests,
  • connect you with appropriate staff members in the Office of Research, and
  • provide you with information and guidance regarding internal UWaterloo grant application processes and procedures.

As well, the Arts Research Office

  • stays informed of the range of Arts faculty research/creation activities and achievements, identifies areas of established and emerging research strength, and maintains an Arts Research Database.
  • provides support in the development of major academic prize and award nominations, and
  • offers direct research funding to eligible projects (e.g., matching funds for grant applications, publication subventions, etc.).