Artsannounce email list

Artsannounce is a Faculty of Arts email list intended to share campus-based events of potential interest to members of Arts and other subscribers.

The Artsannounce membership list is managed by Arts Computing Office.

Submit an event to Artsannounce

Have an event you'd like to share? Please contact any member of the communication team — Olivia Vanderwal, Elizabeth Rogers, Wendy Philpott — with the event details, and we'll schedule the email.

Creating content for Artsannounce

  • Start with the specifics. People don't read emails closely, and chances are they might not read the entire thing. Make sure the main details about the event - who, what, where, when - are at the beginning.
  • Use text content for key information, not images. Many people have image downloads turned off in their email and will miss any content that is part of an image. Images with text might also be too small to read on a mobile device, and may distort if people magnify them.
  • Give information about the event where possible. Not everyone will be familiar with who the speaker is - try to focus on what the talk will be about and why they should come.
  • Include a link. Think about the user experience - a link is the  easiest way to get to more information or a registration form. Avoid using QR codes - a link is far easier to interact with than taking extra steps to access a QR code.

Subscribe to Artsannounce emails


You can unsubscribe from Artsannounce at any time by sending an empty email message to and then simply reply to the confirmation message.