Websites in Arts

With a faculty as large and broad as Arts, it's no surprise we have a large website portfolio including department and school websites, research websites, and the Faculty of Arts website. 

Most sites live in the WCMS - the Waterloo Content Management System - which is supported by IST and University Relations. Individual faculty and researcher websites can be built on another platform called Scholar (a self-serve website platform for researchers to create a basic website). 

Every Waterloo website has a site lead who oversees the technical aspects of the website and acts as a liaison for IST. For instance, they request new websites and migrations for their area.

Site leads in Arts include:

While each Arts department is responsible for maintaining their own website, there is plenty of support available from three key areas: Arts Communications, Arts Computing Office, and Web Resources. Here is a breakdown of support offered.

Arts Communications support

Contact: Elizabeth Rogers, Communications Officer and primary point of contact regarding Arts WCMS websites.

  • New website requests
  • Quality assurance (QA) review and best-practices, including effective writing for the web, menu organization, page layout, search engine optimization and web accessibility (including SiteImprove access)
  • Image/photo sourcing and editing
  • Uploading and managing videos on Arts YouTube channel
  • Managing permissions on websites
  • Training recommendations and how to register

Arts Computing Office support

Contact: Arts Computing Helpdesk - co-op student team, Tel. ext. 44542

  • Student society website support
  • Hosting for non-WCMS websites (if the current WCMS doesn't meet needs)

IST Client Services