Request access to Advisor Student Information System (ASIS)

Staff and faculty members in the Faculty of Arts must use this form to request access to the University's Advisor Student Information System (ASIS). Staff and faculty members of the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo should contact their respective Associate Dean to gain access to the system.

The Faculty of Arts will grant access to the system to those individuals who, in the course of their duties, advise undergraduate students on:

  • academic requirements
  • submission of forms

As per Policy 46, Appendix A (Information Management - Access to and Release of Student Information), which should be reviewed, the Faculty of Arts is committed to protecting a student's personal and academic information. Levels of access will vary between individuals and departments, and only those staff and faculty who must have access to the Notes function (view and add) to assist in the performance of their duties will be granted that access.

Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Arts Undergraduate Office:

Julie Mulvey | Academic Officer | Ext. 48281

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Supervisors will be contacted to confirm: required access level, department's knowledge of request, signed confidentiality agreement on file, access to Quest already exists.
Supervisor will receive a copy of the request via email once the submit button is selected.
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If requesting access to the Notes function, give a brief explanation as to why you require access to add/view notes in ASIS as it pertains to your role and responsibilities. If not, add "N/A".