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Expertise Finder is an open-access searchable database intended to help journalists and media outlets find University of Waterloo experts. It also serves as an opportunity for you to share your work and expertise with broader audiences.

Managed by UWaterloo's Media Relations team in collaboration with the Arts communication team, an Expertise Finder profile includes your contact information, titles and affiliations, your areas of expertise, and a link to your home unit profile webpage. By being included in this database, you are open to journalists reaching out to you. As you might know, media usually work to tight deadlines and may need prompt responses. Media Relations offer guidance and coaching resources for interacting with media.

If you're a new Arts faculty member or do not have an Expertise Finder profile, use this form to share your information, which we'll forward to Media Relations to add to Expertise Finder.

Arts Faculty members already included in Expertise Finder, please look up and review your profile. Use this form to update any aspects of your profile. If you would prefer to have your Expertise Finder profile removed, please let us know via the form and we will email to confirm.

Questions? Please contact Wendy Philpott.

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