Arts Staff Advisory Council nomination

Nominate yourself or a colleague for a position on the Arts Staff Advisory Council (ASAC)

It’s time to ask for nominations for positions on the Arts Staff Advisory Council (ASAC). We are looking for 2-4 nominees to begin their term of office on May 1, 2024 for two years. The Council strives to have representation from across Arts units, but any interested staff member may put their name forward to join ASAC.


Must be a regular, continuing staff member in the Faculty of Arts.


Must have obtained the nominee's agreement to stand. Self-nomination is welcome.

Term of Office

The normal term of office on ASAC will be two years, with half of the membership expiring each year.

Deadline for nominations

Nominations will be open until 4:30 p.m. on April 12, 2024. If an election is required, we’ll be in touch again.

All candidates agree to stand for election, should the number of nominations exceed the number of available seats.
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