Arts Convocation Awards

To nominate a student for the 2023-2024 Arts departmental convocation award the department Undergraduate Officer or Chair must complete and submit this form to the Arts Undergraduate Office. 

Deadline to submit the form: Thursday, May 16, 2024

Student eligibility:

  • Must have a minimum Cumulative Average of 80%;
  • Must have graduated or be graduating with an Honours Arts or Joint Honours Arts degree;
  • Must have graduated at the October 2023 convocation or be planning to graduate at the June 2024 convocation.

Normally, the student receiving the award has the highest average in the discipline, but some discretion is possible. 

Students can be told they have been nominated, but should not be told they are receiving the award until the Associate Dean of Arts, Undergraduate Programs sends out the list of the winners in early June.

Your department will be contacted by the AUO if you have a student who is eligible for the Governor General's or the Alumni award. Please contact Emily Hudson ( if you have any questions about these awards.

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Student Information
Include all first and middle names as appears on Quest.
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8-digit number
Academic information
This is the major/program of the award the student is being nominated for.
List all of the students declared plans, as per Quest. Must be Honours or Joint Honours to qualify.
Cumulative (overall) average; must be at least 80%.
Student's major average.
Does the MAV differ from Quest?
If the provided MAV differs from the one calculated by Quest, please select Yes.
How was the MAV calculated?
Quest generates major averages (MAV) using manually-built course lists and templates. The MAV provided in the data shared with you might not be accurate or up-to-date depending on last minute grade submissions or changes.
Additional information
If the nominated student from your major does not have the highest major average, please provide a brief explanation why this student deserves the award:
Convocation ceremony
Submitter information