CFM co-director James R. Thompson elected president of Northern Finance Association

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Professor James R. Thompson, co-director of the Computing and Financial Management program and a Professor at Waterloo’s School of Accounting and Finance, has been elected as a president of the Northern Finance Association, a Canadian-based association of researchers in the field of finance.

photo of Professor James R. ThompsonProfessor Thompson received his PhD and master’s degree in economics from Queen’s University, and his bachelor’s degree in computer science and economics from Western University. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate finance courses and his research interests span financial stability, banking, and financial contracting.

His research has been published in top finance and economics journals including the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Financial Intermediation, and the Journal of Risk and Insurance. He actively engages with the wider community on issues related to his research, having been featured in media outlets such as CBC News and CTV Provincewide.

“Our organization exists to grow and spotlight finance research in Canada, where we support academics in universities, policy institutions and industry,” said Professor Thompson. “It is an honour to be elected to lead the organization at a time of heightened uncertainty and change, both from within our academic field, and within university education as a whole.”

The Northern Finance Association hosts an annual meeting for finance academics, professionals, and PhD students across North America and around the world to hear and present the latest research in all areas of finance.  Professor Thompson chaired and hosted the 2021 meetings, alongside his finance colleague in the School of Accounting and Finance, Professor Blake Philips.

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