Active Bystander Intervention Training

The Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office – SVPRO – is working towards training all members of the UWaterloo Community in Active Bystander Intervention. Active Bystander Intervention provides context and skills to help people intervene when they see harmful, or potentially harmful, behaviour which could include sexual violence but could also include harm such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, harassment and microaggressions.

Intervention can help prevent harm, stop harm, and provide space for support. Bystander Intervention has the potential to build a culture of consent, care, belonging, equity, and well-being within our campus community.

The objectives of this training are to:

  1. Understand and define microaggressions, harassment and sexual violence.
  2. Recognize the complex roots of these behaviours and how they are normalized.
  3. Identify personal obstacles and barriers to intervene safely and effectively.
  4. Learn how to safely and effectively apply the 5D Active Bystander Model.
  5. Recognize that everyone has a role in creating a safe and caring campus community.

Photo credit: The Breaking the Silence Poster is provided free for use by The University of Cambridge as part of their Bystander Intervention Initiative.

poster showing the 4Ds of intervention, distracti, direct action, delay, delegate

Student Session (Undergrad and Grad)

Date: Monday, 22nd January, 2024

Time: 5:00 - 8:00 PM

Location: Provided upon registration below

Other: Snacks, drinks, and prizes provided

For additional information, contact Victoria Cotton.

Registration (Undergrad and Grad)

Register through Portal. (Go Sign Me Up Portal)

Employee Session (Employees and Post Docs)

Date: Mon, Mar 11th

Time: 2 - 4 pm

Location: Will be emailed 48 hours prior to the session

Other: Light snack will be provided. Grad students with active TA positions are welcome to attend either the student or employee session.

Registration (Employees)


Facilitator - Active Bystander Training

Stacey Jacobs

Stacey Jacobs, MSc is our Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator and an Instructor in the Sexuality, Marriage & Family Studies Program. She is passionate about building consent culture with her UWateloo community and strives to do this through bringing awareness and education to students, staff and faculty about sexual health, sexual violence, relationships, consent, boundaries, and active bystander intervention.