The Nine Dimensions of Wellness

The Nine Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness and well-being mean different things to different people. In fact, if you ask people to define wellness you will probably receive a variety of answers. The World Health Organization defines health as:

A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity


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Wellness goes beyond physical health to include an individual’s ability to identify and achieve goals, satisfy needs, and the ability to change and cope with the demands of our environment. Wellness is a connection point encompassing many elements that we refer to as “Dimensions of Wellness”.

Wellness is a dynamic concept created to ascertain the conditions that allow humans to flourish. The nine dimensions we focus on in the University of Waterloo Engineering Wellness program are as follows:

Please note that clicking on one of the dimensions below will open the corresponding web page, where you will find a definition of the wellness dimension and a variety of resources both on campus as well as off campus.

Wellness can be seen as a balancing act between the demands and challenges from our environment and our resources, or capacity, to deal with those challenges.

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Interested in Knowing More About Wellness?

Looking to enhance your knowledge about wellness? Below are some resources both on and off campus, as well as general information related to wellbeing.

*Please note: Any resources displayed on this page are not comprehensive and do not indicate an endorsement by the ENGWellness Program. You should always do your own research before using any resource. By accessing any of the resources on this page, you understand that the ENGWellness Program is not liable for any actions or the actions of representatives or services on this list. The listed resources, while helpful, are not a replacement for professional support.

Here are some resources for you

On Campus Resources

Off-Campus Resources

General Wellness Information

  • Global Wellness Institute: Provides an overview of the multiple dimensions of wellness, the wellness continuum, and differences between wellness and well-being.
  • National Wellness Institute: An educational wellness site offering a wide range of online learning and certificate courses.
  • Online Wellness Institute: An online wellness education site that offers course training in a variety of disciplines.
  • Econation: A website providing an educational overview of well-being and its various dimensions.
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: Provides personal goal setting and training toolkits and workbooks for multi-dimensional wellness.
  • The Learning Portal: Features a series of educational wellness modules and a well-being assessment.